How to Improve your Spelling for Ielts

Does spelling mistake affect your IELTS band score? Definitely, yes! To get the 8+ band in the IELTS, spelling plays a significant role in the writing and reading section. Do you know you will get the least marks if your answer is correct but you spell the words incorrectly? Consequently, it is vital to avoid spell errors otherwise, it will negatively hit your overall band score. 

Whether you are going to give a paper-based IELTS test or a computer-delivered test, you need to work on your spelling. Through this blog, you will get some easy and smart tips that will help you to tweak your spellings. Seeking some additional advice or assistance on IELTS? You can get in touch with various centers of IELTS coaching in Jalandhar.

What are the different spelling errors in IELTS? 

There are two kinds of spelling errors that occur by the candidate in the IELTS test which is given below: 

  1. Typos 

  2. Misspellings 

What are Typos errors?

It includes those types of errors when you simply make a mistake at the time of writing or typing too fast. For example; ‘leaning’ instead of ‘Learning’, ‘ot’ in place of ‘out’ and others. We often forget to correct these mistakes and as a result, we get the undesired band score. Therefore, it is pretty good to revise the sheet carefully at the end of the test to correct it. 

What are Misspellings errors?

This kind of mistake is related to the two different approaches; easy word and hard word. A candidate's beliefs if they use unique words will please the examiner. Suppose, there is a word ‘essay’ but students opt to write the dissertation instead of an essay. The meaning is the same but if they make mistakes in writing a word dissertation like ‘disertation’ instead of dissertation then it is completely fine because the meaning of the word is understandable. On the other hand, if they write the ‘Essay’ as ‘Esay’ then the whole concept has been changed. Thus, it is unacceptable in the test and adversely affects your performance. 

IELTS is the international English language test that is widely accepted in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, and well-reputed countries. Today, it has become a trend to settle in a foreign land. Every non-native has a strong desire to go there but the single obstacle for them is their language. That’s why IELTS test centers train candidates and help them to get 7+ or 8+ bands in the IELTS. If you also have seen a big dream and want to achieve it then keep everything aside and start doing preparation. You can take guidance from experts in IELTS coaching in Jalandhar. 


4 Smart Tips To Improve Spelling For IELTS 

  • Study the English spelling rules 

Identify the simple formats and combination of the letters to understand the word. There are many words such as ‘been’, ‘keen’, ‘nation’, etc. Divide its ending parts as ‘-en’, ‘ion’ and understand with utmost care. Keep in mind how these words are pronounced by the people. Take care of the homophones' words as well as how they sound. Practice regularly, note it down in your diary, and revise it at the end of the day. Sooner or later these words will fix in your mind. Have some trouble? Take help of the internet. One more thing you take off the pronunciation of the homophones words. If you are unaware of which word is ‘silent’ then you will end up making mistakes. 

  • Crosswords puzzles 

Crosswords puzzles are the funniest and interesting way to refine your spellings. Along with brushing up spelling, it also helps to enhance your general knowledge. Crosswords provide you the series of hits that you have to insert in the horizontal and vertical boxes. You can find the crossword puzzles in magazines or newspapers. Otherwise many Crosswords gaming apps are available on the internet. 

  • Watch English shows with subtitles 

Begin watching English tv shows, movies, series, or videos with subtitles. Observe how the person pronounces the particular word and check the subtitles. This learning technique is best to enhance your spellings. Moreover, it will also help to develop your listening skills. By listening carefully to how the person speaks and imitating them over and over again will improve your pronunciation too.

Thus, this track prepares you for trading, speaking, writing, and listening. Anyhow, if you want to get extra assistance on IELTS, you can refer to the Best IELTS coaching in Patiala. 

  • Reading 

Read your favorite book, novel, or magazine regularly. When you start reading, focus on every word carefully how it is written? What is their meaning? How is it related to the next word? How does it add meaning to the whole sentence? You can take the help of the dictionary. You can also read newspapers, articles, and short stories on the internet. Mark the doubtful or difficult words, make notes of them, and practice them. 

Spelling can be a struggle sometimes but the more you work to refine it the more you become perfect in it. All in all! This is about spelling improvement but if you seek guidance on the IELTS, you can contact the Best IELTS coaching in Patiala

Final Thoughts

Spelling errors are the common errors candidates do in the IELTS test. Spend at least 30 minutes daily to avoid such mistakes to achieve a high rank in the IELTS. 


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