Easy Girl Drawing Tutorials For Beginners With Step by Step

How to draw someone with a pencil step by step?

In this lesson easy girl drawing, we are going to draw a portrait of a good-looking lady in pencil step by step. We are going to find out how to create a face, confirm proportions, and, of course, apply images with strokes!

What materials can we need?

  • H and hemoglobin pencils

  • Eraser
  • Sheet of workplace paper
  • Cutter or implement
  • A desirable pill for drawing

Let's begin drawing the lady with a pencil! how to draw a girl

Stage 1. Define the oval of the face

  • Let's begin creating! Take the H pencil and hold it at a 45-degree angle
  • Let's draw associate degree oval of the girl's face within the center of the sheet - listen to the form of the chin
  • Mark the neck with 2 falciform lines.

Stage 2. Divide the face into three equal elements

  • Divide the face into three equal elements. To do this, draw 2 horizontal lines - these squares measures the marks of the road of the nose and eyebrows.

  • Make sure to envision if the elements of the face square measure equal. The proportions of the girl's face depend upon this.

  • We tend to draw an associate degree axis of symmetry - a vertical line (we don't desire the face to show bent on being crooked?)

Stage 3. Define the hair

  • What regarding the hairstyle? We tend to draw hair with sleek contours.

  • Note that the hair overlaps the face a touch.

Stage 4. Draw the facial expression

  • Draw the eyebrows on top of the antecedently marked line. Our lady has quite wide eyebrows - without delay in fashion????

  • Next, you'll draw the lips. First, draw a line of lips closing. Next, define the higher and lower lip.

  • The higher lip ought to be slightly smaller than the lower lip.
  • And in fact, the nose! Sketch out the wings of the nose and inscribe the nostrils.

Stage 5. Confirm the position of the eyes

  • Let's begin drawing the eyes! We tend to define a falciform line - the axis on that the eyes are.
  • Raise the perpendiculars from the nose (marked with a dash-dotted line). Thus, we discover the inner corners of the eyes.

Stage 6. Draw the eyes

  • We tend to draw eyes. The inner and outer corners of the eyes ought to air a falciform axis.
  • Listen to the form of the eyes. They appear like leaves!

Stage 7. Obtaining eliminate construction lines

  • Erase auxiliary construction lines with associate degree implement. We tend to finally got eliminate those intrusive lines!

  • The drawing is prepared for an additional elaborate drawing.

Stage 8. Draw the eyes and lips in additional detail

  • The way to draw the higher and lower eyelids for every eye
  • We tend to inscribe the iris and therefore the pupil inward
  • The way to draw tiny highlights within the pupil

Stage 9. Let's begin shading

  • We tend to begin operating with an image. Begin shading the pupils with the hemoglobin pencil to form them dark

  • Shade eyebrows with tiny strokes

  • Paint shadows underneath the eyelids

Step 10. Add volume to the lips

  • Volume lips? Nothing is possible within the drawing!
  • Add volume to the lips - apply strokes on every lip
  • Deed area for the highlight on the lower lip

Stage 11. Working on the shadows on the nose

  • Apply shadows on the perimeters of the nose

  • Shading the nostrils tightly

Stage 12. This can be what ought to happen

  • The girl's face gains volume! Well? Let's continue

Stage 13. Apply shadows to the face

  • We tend to don't stop there! We do not wish the face to be flat, do we? Then let's apply shadows
  • Darken the cheekbones with a tough pencil H (it is healthier to draw the skin with a tougher pencil)
  • We tend to build shadows underneath the eyebrows and don't chuck the shadow on the neck from the chin

Step 14. Produce hair volume

  • Finally, we tend to begin drawing the hairstyle - square measure you inquisitive about portraying shiny hair?

  • It's enough to shade some areas on the hair to induce voluminous curls!

Stage 15. Draw the shadows

  • Is it the last stage? Modifying our drawing of a lady with a pencil

  • Darkening some areas - higher lip, hair on the rear of the neck

  • Add distinction within the shadows (darken the shadow areas)
  • Hooray! Our pencil drawing of the lady is ready!


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