Climb The Career Ladder By Choosing Business Studies In Your A Levels

(Alternate titles: Why Choosing Business In Your A-Levels Is A Good Idea 

Choose From Numerous Career Opportunities By Selecting Business Studies In Your A levels)


For any student, A level is the turning point in their educational path. What subjects they choose and how they perform in these subjects will pave the way for their higher studies. But which subjects to choose for your A levels can be a tricky question.


For the past few years, students have been choosing subjects they can easily pursue careers in and something that is also not mainstream like Medicine or Engineering. In this aspect, the subjects that have appealed to the students the most and also resulted in great career options include Economics and Business A levels



Business Studies And All That It Includes 

Business studies are the up and coming subjects in terms of the best choices for fresh graduates. If you want to make sure you get a job as soon as you graduate, business studies are for you. Business management studies come with some associated subjects too such as accounting, finance, and economics. 


So in case you get bored of business alone or want to branch out, you will always have the options of management sciences, economics, finance, and accounting, each of which further has numerous options for higher education and a wide variety of career paths. 


In business studies, you will be learning about how to start and run a business, how different businesses interact with each other, how to manage a business and its various aspects including marketing and finance, and most importantly, how to follow and create trends that can benefit your business or the business you work for. 


Select Business Studies In 2021 For The Best Career Opportunities


Business studies, whether it is in management or administration, are the most attractive choice for youngsters who want to pursue careers in the fields of commerce, accounting, finance, or economics. It is also an ideal option for those who are interested in starting their own business or are going to inherit a business from family. 


The studies of accounting, finance, management, and economics are also included under the umbrella of business studies. So to think you will restrict yourself if you choose to study business is not right. You can go for higher education and postgraduate degrees in any of the subjects and select a career path that suits your personality. 


Career Options For Business Graduates:

Business graduates are offered numerous positions all over the world. It is one of the subjects that is needed by any and almost all corporations and all of them have designated positions for business management and administration graduates. Some of these jobs you may come across that might interest you include the following: 


  1. Business Advisor 

 A business advisor is one of the first career options that come to mind when we talk about studying business A levels. As a business advisor, you can not only work for major corporations but you can also be a freelance business advisor. 


As the name indicates, a business advisor is a person who advises people on how to start a new business or run an already existing business in a better way. You will be responsible for providing expert financial and management advice and give tips on how people can improve their businesses. In addition to that, you will also be advising people if their business ideas are feasible and how to convert them from an idea to reality. 


  1. Management Consultant: 

 As a management consultant, your job will be to solve problems that a business is facing and help improve its strategy. Your role in a corporation will be to conduct  thorough research about the company policies, its plans and gather information about its inner workings. 


You are to then use this information to make changes that can help turn a better profit, improve the corporation's return on investment and make the input and output more feasible. Your job will be to give suggestions on what changes can be made and how.


  1. Risk Manager 

 After obtaining a degree in business and associated subjects, you can work for different corporations as a risk manager. A risk manager is someone responsible for assessing the company policies and suggesting changes that can preserve and benefit the corporation and its stakeholders. 


As a company's risk manager or consultant, your job will be to see if the company is at risk in any way such as financial, operational, or even security. You will work to promote the interest of your corporation and save it from potential lawsuits, threats to the reputation, and risks related to buying and selling a product or service.


  1. Data Analyst

 If you are good with numbers, trends, and analyzing market values, the job of a data analyst is for you. A data analyst is highly in demand these days within numerous companies including medical, educational, infotainment, and especially in the government sector. 


As a data analyst, your job is to assess and evaluate data, pay attention to the minor details and organize it. You are then to describe it in terms that are easy to understand and provide insight into the working of the corporation.


The Takeaway:

While choosing the subjects that might be the basis of all your future ambitions, you always need to go for something that is not only in your field of interest but also offers a variety of specialization and higher education opportunities. Not only that, the career choices should be readily available and easy to obtain. 


It is a tricky matter, selecting such a subject that fulfills all your requirements and needs but you can not go wrong with choosing business studies. It not only offers job variety but also security of career opportunities and good income. 


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