Certificate III In Child Care – First Step In Early Childhood Education And Care

Working with children is indeed rewarding and mind-freshening because they are always full of life and curiosity. Whenever around, they will never stop giving complete entertainment. If you think to build a bright career in childcare, you have chosen a great career path. Australian government predicts significant job increase in future years. But, you may wonder about how to start. Well, that’s not very difficult. There are numerous child care courses in Perth available, which you can check. Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care is the most sought course in Australia.

What are the basics of a Certificate III in childcare?

There are some basics of this course that you should keep in mind while applying for cert 3 childcare.

  1. Won’t you able to make time for full-time classes? No problem, there are options to take part-time courses as well. Two days of classes per week are enough to take a full-time course. While for a part-time course, you may attend your class just on the second Saturday of every month.

  2. You will need to do homework which will be of about 3 to 4 hours per week.

  3. For a self-funded course, you have to pay a substantial amount from your pocket. You can also try for government funding, or you may get concession benefits if eligible.

  4. 120 hours need to be spent in vocational placement training, which you can take in any registered childhood education and care centre. People generally take this programme on a once-per-week basis.

What does the course cover?

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care is mostly familiar by its code name, CHC30113. This course will teach you the basics of early childhood education and also overall child care. You will learn the skills required to work in collaboration with educators and colleagues so that you can support their holistic development. Additionally, you will learn how to handle the behavioral pattern of the children. And above all, this course will teach you about legal information and industry standards. 

18 units are taught in this course, among which 15 are core units, and 3 are elective units. ‘Provide care for babies and toddlers, ‘Ensure the health and safety for children, ‘Develop cultural competence’ are some of the core units that you have to study.

What are the different job opportunities after completion of this course?

You can get placements in the early childhood sector after you complete your certificate 3 in childcare course. Here we discuss a few of them.

  1. Early Childhood Educator: This is the most common type of employment that you will find. As a specialized professional, you will be handling toddlers to young children with a maximum age of 6 years. You will take care of them and teach them basic skills like reading, writing, vocabulary, and social interactions. You can get work in day-care or community centres, or kindergarten schools. You will also be responsible for designing curriculum planning and its subsequent effective implementation. 

  2. Playgroup supervisor: Here, you will take care of all the everyday operations in a playgroup and always be in touch with your staff. As a liable expert, you should create a creative, safe and fun-intriguing environment so that children can learn excitingly. Such a pleasant learning atmosphere will help the children develop independently, thus building a solid foundation for their future. Like an educator, you have to construct plans and apply those for a better curriculum. In addition to these, you have to follow strict rules and regulations to ensure better customer service to the children’s parents and guardians.

  3. Childcare workers: This job is widely different from an educator or a supervisor’s role. You have to take care of children regularly. Your responsibilities will range from feeding them to looking after their studies, playing etc. As the child will be under your supervision for a significant time in the day, all your actions will substantially impact shaping the child’s life. You will supervise their daily routines and maintain a healthy and hygienic environment and develop social skills in the children.

  4. Family day-care workers: As a family day-care worker, your job will be private residence-based. You have to provide top-quality child care services by maintaining a great environment inside the home and playing a vital part in their physical, emotional and social development. Your care will also help a child to build a respected relationship with other family members.

  5. Childcare centre manager: From the name, you must clearly understand that you will be responsible for supervising all the daily operations undertaken in a childcare centre. You indeed will become extremely busy, but yet you will feel delighted too. The success and failure of the organization will entirely depend on your decision-making abilities. As a manager, you will require appreciating skills, excellent communication and observational skills to coordinate your whole team.

  6. Nanny: A nanny takes care of every need of a child. Roles include bathing, feeding meals and reading books, changing diapers, ironing clothes, dressing them up, carrying or transporting them to schools, making them disciplined.

  7. Educational leaders: Certificate 3 in childcare Perth implements and develops education program. Educational leaders will help educators by providing them with correct strategies and guide them in the development of educational programs. 

  8. Early Childhood Teacher: This job is a little different from the job of an Early Childhood Educator. Here, you have to look after all the academic aspects of the children like how they are doing their works, helping them with problems etc.

In the end

Such diverse employment opportunities indicate that aspiring individuals should apply for this course. You can search by typing ‘childcare courses’ on Google. Numerous options will be available for you, from which you can either go for an online or an on-campus course. Usually, if you choose a course in Perth or Melbourne, you can attend campus classes. Be sure before you apply.


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