7 tips for students to enhance their productivity while studying at home

It's every student's dream to get more work done in less time, whether by using a citation maker to create flawless citations or by hiring a professional for customized academic aid.

Despite the dream of doing more work at home in less time,” most students get sidetracked and get less work done all day than they usually do on a school day.    

Like many others, if you too are struggling to be productive while studying at home, you have some useful tips coming your way. With these tips, learning from the comfort of your couch will seem more of a blessing than a distraction. Let's dive in.

7 Remarkable Tricks To Boost Your Productivity While Studying At Home

  1. Create a school-like study routine:

One thing that helps everyone manage work is following a routine. Before the pandemic, students followed dedicated hours for everything – studies, homework, meals, sports, and extracurricular activities.

Similarly, you must follow a proper routine while at home. A lot of you might find it odd following a routine at home. But trust me, it's conducive.

Sketch out a schedule for each day, from the time you wake up to completing your assignments and enjoying your social life (while maintaining the social distancing norms, of course). Divide your time for assignment writing, self-studies, playtime, and other activities.

  1. Don’t ignore break time:

Your body and mind can't handle continuous work pressure without a proper break. Just after 2 hours of study, your mind will be tired, and your brain will struggle to absorb information.

That's why it's crucial to take breaks between your studies like in school. Take periodic intervals as often as you require for a quick coffee or snack.

Mind you, don’t get carried away with the breaks. A 10-15 minutes break would be enough to cut the monotony and recharge your brain for further studies.

  1. Stay connected:

Stay connected with your teachers, friends, and dear ones virtually. Attend all virtual lectures, and take part in discussions and group projects. Use online mediums such as Zoom, Skype or FaceTime to connect with your classmates and study groups just as you used to in school.

Reach out to your teachers, professional essay writers, and talk to them about your difficulties. They would be more than happy to help you with the necessary notes and extra classes. You see, staying connected will help you academically and benefit your mental health.

  1. Learn prioritise your work:

Just because you have to study at home doesn't mean you have to study 12 hours straight and get everything at the earliest. Don't do that. That way, studying at home will get sickening for you.

Learn to prioritise and set daily targets. Sit with your assignments and check what you to do for the day. Organising your daily study routine will help you become more effective and control the day.

However, don’t bite more than you can chew. Relying on an essay typer to complete multiple assignments on the same day won’t be fruitful in any way. Instead, put the critical tasks of the day on your to-do list and get them done on priority without falling behind.

  1. Don’t ignore physical activities:

Exercise and adequate sleep work miraculously to improve your productivity. Research shows people who exercise have experienced a 72% improvement in productivity and time management.

By exercising, I don't mean to hit the gym and sweat your heart out to get your brain working. Even less intensive exercises such as yoga, walking, and low-intensity aerobics are beneficial for your brain function.

Various studies have shown how walking, yoga, and low-intensity exercise increased energy levels and improved problem-solving abilities.

Also, don't binge-watch or study till the wee hours of the morning. Sleep and wake up on time to enhance attention span, build memory power and improve your brain's retention abilities.

  1. Avoid procrastination at all cost:

 To optimize your study hours at home, quit the habit of delaying work right away. You may not be in the school environment, but it doesn't immune you from your academic commitments.

Identify what you have to do and get it done on time. Don't postpone your assignments or test preparation just because of the current situation.

If you are struggling to study alone, get together with your friends virtually and study in groups. Studying in a group will entitle you to complete your lessons, so you don’t sound stupid during the online discussions.

  1. Take care of your mental health:

 While studying in a remote setting has many pros, there are also a few significant cons, one of which is depression and anxiety. It is undoubtedly a challenge for extroverts, but it can get tricky for introverts as well to some extent.

If you feel you need to vent out, talk to someone, you are close to. If not, you can always reach out to a professional or your college counsellor. Such professionals are now available online to help students in need.

Remember, you cannot give your best to your studies if you are not mentally in the right place. So, talk it out.

Wrapping Up

Who doesn't love to study in a remote setting? You get to wake up when you please, eat what you like, and hang out in your cosy pyjamas all day. Only to realise you’ve barely done anything productive!

When you are in the school environment, it’s easier to stay focused and get your work done – thanks to the tight study schedule, assignment pressure, and deadlines. But at home, there are endless distractions and care-free hours. Hence, practice these tried and tested tips to make the most of your remote studies setting.


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