5 Factors Behind The Growing Demand For Higher Education Worldwide

There has been staggering growth in the demand for higher education worldwide in the latter half of the twentieth century. Experts like Angel Calderon from RMIT University in Melbourne predict that the total number of students pursuing higher education in 2030 would be more than 380 million.

How Can You Measure This Growth In Higher Education?

You can easily see the growing demand for higher education by observing the-

  1. Number of students completing high school
  2. Number of students applying for colleges and universities
  3. Number of students who take the SAT

But the question remains- why is this sudden rise happening? There’s no doubt that higher education is a costly affair. So you’ll find most students taking on substantial student debts to cover the cost, knowing well that it won’t be easy to pay them off.

However, the potential future benefits outweigh the initial expenses.

1. Higher education equals higher wages

The gap in wages continues to grow at an alarming rate in the present. As the demand for higher education rises, companies’ needs for more skilled people grow. So they pay higher wages to more educated candidates as a form of incentive.

For example, in 1975, any person with a bachelor’s degree would earn 1.5 times more than a high school graduate. By 1999, this difference increased to 1.8 times.

Moreover, if you want a job as a teacher or professor, attaining higher education is a must as this category depends mostly on skilled labour.

2. Allows you to pursue any career you want

Unlike the past generations, being a high-school graduate won’t open many doors of opportunity for you in the future. The economy worldwide has started to place more importance on hiring skilled labours.

The easiest way to ensure that you can work in whatever career you want is to go to college and obtain a bachelor’s degree. For example, if you wish to open an online Do my homework service to assist students, it would be best to take up web design courses in college.

If you’re unsure about any specific career, you can always choose later from the multitude of options that will be available.

3. Helps in furthering your knowledge

The most significant advantage of getting a higher education is that you get the opportunity to learn what you love from professional experts. So if you have a thirst for knowledge, a college can fulfil that desire easily.

Higher education helps you understand complex topics and allows you to think critically. If you’re worried that you might face challenges in understanding the concepts, you won’t have any problem getting write my  assignment from your professors and seniors.

4. Stay ahead of the competition

In the 21st century, the chances of landing yourself a fruitful job are like finding a needle in a haystack. The competition in the career market is ruthless. Unemployment rates keep increasing daily, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in millions of people losing their job.

The supply for new job opportunities cannot keep up with the growing demand. Therefore, when looking for jobs, you will have to compete will millions of people who are equally, if not more skilled.

This is where the beauty of higher education comes into play. If you have plenty of educational qualifications, you can gain a strategic edge over a good percentage of your competitors. For example, employers would prefer hiring someone with a bachelor’s degree over a high-school graduate.

5. Experience the joys and responsibilities of being independent

For many students, higher education allows them to leave the safety of their homes and move to university campuses far away. This is a necessary experience in growing up and stepping into adulthood. You get to understand the importance of responsibilities, build self-confidence, meet new people and broaden your horizons with new experiences.

Summing it up,

Higher education is a must if you want to ensure a stable future by working a decent job with good pay. The competition will only get worse in the future. As long as you equip yourself with a bachelor’s or a master’s degree, you can significantly improve your chances of landing any job of your choice.

Author bio:

Henry Shefford is an eminent professor of rate my paper at a reputed university in the UK. He loves to spend time gardening when he’s not busy taking remedial classes on weekends.



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