4 Unbelievable Benefits of Enrolling Kids in Second Language Immersion Programs

Standard American education includes English, mathematics, science, and the arts. While these topics are undoubtedly important, another major player is missing from this list: a foreign language.

Although many other countries around the world require the introduction of a foreign language in schools by the age of eight, students in the United States typically begin a foreign language course in lower or higher secondary school. It gives American students about five years of study, not 10 or 12 years when the course was first offered. Let's see why early Spanish Immersion language schools are so essential to your child's comprehensive education.


Higher skillfulness of the Second language: Traditional foreign language teaching involves teaching students one language in a class. Second Immersion programs use native and foreign languages ​​and take breaks throughout the day, giving students a broad knowledge of the second language.

More Cognitive Flexibility: In Spanish language immersion, students will not only learn Spanish but usually also increase attention and memory. They also show superior problem-solving skills and a better understanding of their first language.

More Respect For Other Cultures: Learning a second language and using it daily gives students a more positive attitude towards other cultures. Students understand cultures outside of them better and appreciate their differences.

Job Market Skills Increase: In the long-term, students in language immersion programs are often better prepared for modern job markets. Many employers are now looking for skilled workers who can speak at least one other language well.

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