Why Should you Select VPS Peru Over Shared Hosting?

Why Should you Select VPS Peru Over Shared Hosting?

Choosing the right type of web hosting is not an easy task. Especially when you are launching your first website. There are different types of web hosting available with different characteristics and benefits, so it can be very confusing to choose the right one for your business. 

Most webmasters choose Shared Hosting at the beginning due to its cheapest cost. But as the website starts gaining traction, Shared Hosting outgrows its limit. With so many users sharing the server, you will get limited resources and space, resulting in degraded website performance. So, like others do not make the mistake of choosing Shared Hosting, just by looking at its price. For significant website growth, you need Fast, Independent, and Secured web hosting, provided by VPS Peru. 

The VPS Hosting Peru is the best choice for new websites having a limited budget but diverse requirements. Using the virtualization technology, VPS Hosting provides an independent environment within a Shared Network. Despite multiple users, none of them can impact other’s performance. Hence, VPS Peru provides you the Dedicated Features at a much lower price. 

In this article, we have covered some major points describing the reasons to choose VPS Hosting Peru over Shared Hosting. But let’s first understand the demerits of Shared Hosting.  

Demerits of Shared Hosting

When you set up your website the Shared Hosting Plan seems very tempting due to its cheap price. But later you realize, you did a mistake. Your website frequently slows down, without any reason. The security is very poor and resources are too limited. 

Here are some disadvantages of Shared Hosting -

  • Limited Resources - Shared Hosting provides very limited resources due to dozens of users over the network. Also, you cannot expand the resources if you need.
  • Slow Loading Speed - In Shared Hosting your loading speed can be affected by other users. If they have a traffic spike or have clogged up the server resources your performance will slow down.

  • Unable to Handle High Traffic - Due to restricted RAM and Disk Space, the Shared Server slows down whenever there is a rise in website traffic. It may badly impact your revenue and brand reputation.

  • High Security-Risk - In Shared Hosting if one user encounters a security breach others also get under the threat due to the shared environment. So, your server data is at a huge risk.

  • No Root Access - You do not have root access in Shared Hosting. So, you can’t install any other software other than those given by the host. 

So, after considering these factors it must be clear that Shared Hosting is a poor choice. For smooth website operation, you must choose VPS Peru which fulfills all the above-given drawbacks of Shared Hosting. 

Reasons to Choose VPS Peru over Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting has various demerits. Agreed! But why choose VPS hosting instead of it? Well! Below are the various benefits of VPS Hosting Peru which will give you the answer.

Private Server Resources

VPS Hosting in Peru implies that you will get separate resources just the way a Dedicated Server provides. It will improve your website’s performance with the large set of resources necessary during high traffic. Further, the private resources ensure that no one else can utilize your set of server assets. 

In Shared Server Hosting there is no such separation. The resources are common to all. Hence the performance of every website over the server is interdependent. VPS Hosting solves this issue by virtually separating the server. You can install a separate operating server and other software.

High-Level Security

VPS Peru is far safer than Shared Hosting. Since the resources are stored in an isolated virtual server completely separate from other users. For businesses, security is a big concern, as their server data consists of several confidential information. In Shared Hosting your sensitive data becomes vulnerable when any website on the server has a security breach. Hence, VPS Hosting is the most affordable solution to attain high security. Apart from private resources, it also protects your server through DDoS, Firewalls, Virus, and Spam Protection. 

Faster Website Performance

With an increased Memory, Hard Disk Space, Caching, and much more, your website’s performance will see a significant rise with Managed VPS Server Peru. Faster Page Loading Speed is an essential factor for improving the user experience and the SERP Rankings. The limitations of Shared Hosting won’t help in maintaining the website performance for the long term. 

High Scalability

The option for scalability is very important for business growth. Scaling the server resources is not possible with Shared Server. So, as your business grows you can’t expand your server resources. While VPS Peru allows you to easily enhance your server’s resources. Further in VPS Hosting, you can easily customize the resources as per your business requirements. 

Value of Money

With VPS Hosting Peru you get the best value for your money. It serves you the Dedicated Features at a very cheap price. You get private resources, root control, top-tier security, custom configurations, and much more. 

Serverwala - The Most Reliable VPS Hosting Provider in Peru

To avail the highest benefits out of your VPS Hosting Peru you need the Best Hosting Provider. So, we just didn’t mention the benefits of choosing VPS Hosting but also found an excellent VPS Hosting Provider in Peru, Servewala. 

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy web host, then you need not look further than Serverwala. They provide top-class hosting services across the globe and have served over 7000+ happy customers. Today, they are a popular hosting brand and have been recognized with several awards for their outstanding hosting plans and customer support. Their VPS Peru plans are most suitable for new websites or those who are looking to upgrade from Shared Hosting. 

Here are the features of Peru VPS Hosting by Serverwala - 

  • SSH Root Access

  • Custom Configurations

  • High Uptime

  • Superfast Speed

  • DDoS Protection

  • Regular Backups

  • SSD Disk Drives

  • 100% Privacy Guaranteed

  • Powerful Servers

  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • Free SSL Certificate

Summing Up

For new or growing websites it’s necessary to provide their website visitors with the best possible user experience. The limited resources, slow speed, and poor security of the Shared Server can’t provide an excellent website performance. With VPS Peru you will be able to achieve rapid growth of your website through its advanced and private resources. So, don’t wait, get your Peru VPS from Serverwala now!