What are the Best Ways To Get Rid of ‘Not Implemented’ Error In Outlook?

What are the Best Ways To Get Rid of ‘Not Implemented’ Error In Outlook?

An error of ‘not implemented’ can occur in most outlook versions when users click on Send/Receive button. If you have encountered this error, then you’ve are the right place to get more info on it. 

Today, we will give you the most information about the error and ways to resolve that error, and ways to resolve it. There could be many reasons behind Microsoft outlook not implemented error. Let’s focus on ways to resolve this not implemented error. 

How to Fix Outlook Non-Implemented Error?

Here are a couple of things one can try to resolve Outlook not implemented error

Disable the Add-ins – You can disable the add-ins that are interfering with the outlook working. To disable the add-ins, you need to open Outlook in safe mode. Open the Run dialog box and then type in outlook /safe and hit enter to open the outlook in safe mode. Now, you can go to Settings and disable all the add-ins in Outlook. 

Repair the Office Installation – if there is an issue with the installation of the Office, then you must need to repair it. It will resolve the Microsoft office not implemented error without any hassle. Go to the Control panel, open Programs, and Features and then select the installed Office Apps or Outlook app and then click on the Change or modify option from the top. And then select the Repair option from the window and follow a few steps for the repair. 

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