Website Trends in Dubai You’ve Got To Hear About!

Website Trends in Dubai You’ve Got To Hear About!

Website Trends in Dubai You’ve Got To Hear About

Website Trends in Dubai You’ve Got To Hear AboutAs years pass by, like design or art changes, website designs in Dubai also change. Especially the trends of website design that give us all an illusion of a cyber future, backed by the technological progress we see today all around us.  But, the reality of the website design community says otherwise, they suggest a more realistic perspective.

They seem to be mixing the virtual and normal in a way never seen before, portraying how our lives have changed due to the advent of websites.

Given the growing website trends, you may want to consider hiring a Dubai-based digital marketing agency or website design company to incorporate these trends within your website.

  • Parallax Animation

As more and more time passes, the popularity of web-based animations. It divides page elements making it more multiplex creating a parallax effect.

It is like a mirage one can see in the deserts of Dubai where we see something that may seem to be closer but go further away as one goes closer.

The deepness created using the backdrop as well as the front also gives a more immersive experience to the website viewers. They get pulled into its persuasive nature that is what the internet was created to be a sort of magical window into the world and beyond.

  • Neomorphism

This is another type of trend that has gained momentum, bringing the world into an anomalous time of conservative pragmatism. It comes right after skeuomorphism that assimilates more of the familiar, old-fashioned elements into the current. The trend is replaced by a flat design that clarifies colors, icons that are more superficial but easily detectable.

Neumorphism means the mixing of both designs that mocks through selected drop shadows while being covered with semi-flat colors. The effect gives a feel of debossing. It gives designers the tactile feel that was lost. This trend is expected to be seen on the search bars, buttons, etc.

  • Conceptual Art Configuration

Shapes consisting more of geometric primitives can come across as minimalist and restrictive. However, web designers are absorbing into more sprawling compositions that evoke a more free feeling.

In several cases, these conceptual art postings are replacing stock photos, etc. They however still have photos of people to evoke emotions as they have done in the past. The burst of colors gives a zestful vibe and the vibrant colors evoke warm feelings. Giving the final website’s pages an alive feel, even if the human element is absent.

  • Cozy Colors

Given the pandemic, it is obvious that people spend more time in front of the screens than they did earlier. This almost always leads to eye strain due to excessive screen time. While designing today, this is taken into account with color schemes to be easy on the eyes of the users. 

Today’s web designers will focus on the two extremes of light. Finding the middle ground like soft color palettes, thereby making the website colors less shocking pure black, naturally, evoke relaxing feelings.

This gives a hopeful sign that website designers will be more focused on comfort than drama.

  • Cause Based Web Design

As the pandemic hit the entire world, we all went indoors, businesses that worked only off-site had to quickly move to websites to stay afloat. Web designers took this task quite honestly to create impactful designs following the times.

Brands began focussing their website designs around values like sustainability efforts, etc.

Given this thought process, they have more photos that show a diverse audience. It called for more visualizations as well as an increase in resources to make website production to one and all.

  • Scrolling Modifications 

When visitors scroll your website, they are more than just browsing it, they are connecting with your website. The flicking of their fingers over the scroll pad, causing a reaction on the screen. That is a form of involvement when visitors engage with the site thereby really grabbing their attention.

  • Virtual Interpretations of Products

Products are at the heart of most websites and they have recently begun inspiring design components via virtual interpretations of physical media.

It might come like color or nail polish splashed across a page creating a digital synergy between the website as well as the product. Thereby, making the website look more natural and raw. Given how websites have become common in our lives today, this trend blends the real with virtual as if it were a special moment from our own life. 

  • Enthralling Questionnaires

It is critical to grab a user as soon as they land on their page, it is like they are at the edge of a choice between curiosity and indifference. The quality of their experience can either get them to push further to browse on or leave the website altogether.

Instead of having users read product manuals, brands approach users to answer questionnaires to give a more enthralling experience to customers. They approach them with multiple-choice-based questions to further understand their users’ likes to accordingly cater the product or services to them.

Seeing how these quizzes make users feel a part of the service or product even before the purchase, this trend is set to grow further in the future.

  • Multi-dimensional Colors

This website design trend is all about color schemes which are headed towards gradients with transitions becoming more natural than ever before.

Website designers are also seen changing gears from straight transitions of gradients for background colors.

This trend suggests that web design agency in Dubai would be attempting to reach higher realms of realism.

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That’s it, this is the latest website design trends list you might want to keep an eye out for. You may however want to consider hiring a digital marketing agency or website design company in Dubai to help design a flawless website.