The Importance of Network Agility in 2021

The Importance of Network Agility in 2021

The enterprise network has always been centrally important in enterprise-wide operations. But now in the age of digital transformation it takes on new importance where IoT, cloud, work from home, 5G and more, are all network centric. This makes proper planning, implementation, upgrades, and monitoring through managed IT services the defining process for optimum network agility and IT/OT integration for business-level transformation.

Every business will use these digital transformation tools in different ways and for different ends. What remains constant is that connectivity and network optimization are fundamental to making all options a reality. IoT platforms and cloud decisions remain complex despite their broadening use. Now adding in the still relatively nascent 5G, and edge computing, leaves internal IT teams in need of a managed IT support provider’s expertise to support a holistic approach.

How Legacy Networks Lack Agility for Digital Transformation

Legacy networks are often inflexible and take a long time to make network wide changes, which slows digital transformation where cloud and connectivity are foundational. The most common types of transformation goals being pursued by businesses or enterprises are to:

  1. -> Add new locations
  2. -> Changing network configuration of existing locations
  3. -> Enabling cloud connectivity (multicloud and/or hybrid)


These goals bring common challenges such as sufficient bandwidth and latency needs as they pertain to the applications and workloads within a hybrid cloud model. One example is how legacy wide area networks (WAN) are unprepared to adjust to these needs.

One reason is that adding bandwidth and functionality to an existing WAN is difficult. A managed IT support services provider can help to determine how best to make the network agile, secure, manageable. The most versatile of these providers brings expertise in optimizing network performance in multicloud and hybrid environments.

Achieving Transformation with Holistic Network Management Services

The type of underlying backbone a business uses has a significant impact on overall agility. Decisions about the benefits of an MPLS and Internet virtual private network (VPN) infrastructure mix for greater agility is one example of how the right IT support solutions provider can bring a holistic viewpoint to infrastructure design outcomes.

The remote workforce is now part of the permanent business landscape. Here is where application and workload access begins with the network and extends to the edge to deal with scenarios where eliminating latency can be a critical consideration. End user access also encompasses security where controlling end user application access to cloud and on prem in real time can be a complex 24/7 endeavor.

IT support services can fulfill that crucial need through management and monitoring to ensure data movement and access is optimal and secure. The added challenge of complex cloud interconnectivity planning and execution in the era of digital transformation makes it difficult to meet network, remote workforce, mobile user, and customer needs.

Network Services as IT Team Partners

It’s often the end users that notice a network problem before the IT team because their primary responsibilities are overseeing critical IT projects and daily maintenance. The ability to have a partner such as a managed IT support services provider to integrate with the IT team can lower costs free the IT team to focus on other projects and support implementation of effective network optimization measures.

By leveraging both network and managed IT services, the right provider can integrate with the onsite IT team. They can do this by providing the specialized tools and methods to monitor, manage, identify and resolve network issues in real time create a proactive approach to network optimization. This level of network evaluation can reveal the necessary changes and how best to make them cost effectively and with the most business impact.

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