Difference Between The Nintendo Switch vs. Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch is the most successful Gaming Platform that did not lose its popularity in recent years. In fact, it is gaining popularity day by day & has become the most popular gaming console all over the world. The most relevant example for its rising popularity is You. Yes, talking about you. If you are here then probably you are going to enter the Nintendo Switch family or maybe you are looking for a new Switch to update your console gaming. The main reason you must be here is you cannot decide whether you should go with the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch lite. The main decision is up to you. But today we are going to let you know everything about Nintendo switch vs Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch & Nintendo Switch Lite

Both Nintendo Switch & Nintendo Switch Lite are the successors of Kyoto based company. Although Nintendo Switch Lite is the gaming console from the previous year & has become as much popular as the regular Nintendo Switch. If you compare those with the PS5 or Xbox Series X then those may overpower the Nintendo Switch in gaming & all. But the main reason for Nintendo’s popularity is for being complete gaming setup. Not just a complete setup, it has a compact handheld size that is very travel-friendly as well. You do not need any other device or connection to play a game using a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo switch Lite. The Lite version in fact has a more compact & small body limited to a single part. That is the key difference between Switch & other gaming consoles.

Difference between the Nintendo switch vs Switch Lite

We hope you have been convinced of the popularity of the Nintendo Switch (Only if you are newly entering this platform). Now here are the key differences you have been waiting for. Read carefully till the end to decide whether you should go for the Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite.


The main difference between Nintendo Switch & Nintendo Switch Lite lies in their designs. Nintendo Switch is a versatile gaming console that you can use in many ways. The main concept of the Nintendo Switch is its Joy-Cons Swithcability. You will get simple wand-like controllers along with the regular Nintendo Switch. The Joy-cons have 2 Trigger buttons & 4 Face buttons. That controller has a motion sensor that will provide you a better gaming experience.

You can use those Joy-cons either attached to the display or you can also use them as wireless controllers. As you can also connect your Nintendo Switch with your TV, Tablet, or Monitor so that this wireless feature is an amazing thing to enjoy console gaming. If you consider the look of regular Nintendo Switch then we must say that it provides a more appealing look with its dual color Joy-cons along with the Black Display. Especially the young generation appreciates this design a lot.

When it comes to the Nintendo Switch Lite you have a solid handheld design with a built-in controller & there are no attachable or detachable parts. You do not have the independence here to attach or detach the Joy-cons or use this with your TV or Monitor. You can only play games using the provided display with it. It will provide you the vibe of old video game days. If you like that style then probably Nintendo Switch Lite will suit your personality more.

The lite series is specially made keeping in mind the travel-friendly users. You do not need to remember all detached parts just in case of an emergency tour. But there is one issue we must highlight. There are some gamers or maybe children who like to press controller buttons hard while playing games. If you have this habit then the Switch Light may not be a good choice for you. Though this is a rare case this type of user may face button malfunction after a few months of use. For example, your character is going in a direction without even touching a button. By the way, our test team is using a few Switch Lites for more than a year & none of them faced an issue like this yet.


Here things get a bit tricky. You might think that the games that are made for Nintendo will run both in Nintendo Switch & Nintendo Switch Lite. You are absolutely right, but the problem is whether you can play that game using your controller or not. Regular Nintendo Switch Joy-cons have Haptic Feedback, HD Ramble, Motion Control & there is also an IR Motion Camera. If a game like Mario Tennis Aces which needs those tools to play will not be playable in Nintendo Switch Lite. But you can play games like Fortnite & other Shooting games with both Nintendo Switch & switch Lite.

By the way, do not forget to have one of those best Gaming Headsets for Hearing Footsteps to become a pro in competitive shooting games. And before buying a Switch Lite make sure that you can play your favorite games on your Switch Lite. Otherwise, you should go with a regular Nintendo Switch.


One thing that we do not like about the Nintendo Switch is its display resolution. It still sticks with an HD 720P resolution display while other consoles are offering 4k gaming. The regular Nintendo Switch comes with a 6.92 inches 720P LCD display. As it is a small display that is why the display is enough crisp & sharp & delivers vibrant colors. The positive thing about the regular Nintendo Switch is that you can play with an FHD resolution of 1080P while using it with your Tv or Monitor. But That is the limit, you can not switch to 2K or 4K.

On the other hand, the Nintendo Switch Lite also offers a 720P LCD display but with a smaller size, 5.5 inches. This size is especially suited for people with small hands or children who like to play games like Animal Crossing: New Horizon. Sadly you can not connect your Nintendo Switch Lite with Tv or Monitor that is why there is no way to upgrade the screen resolution. But in Switch Lite you also get capacitive touch functionality.

Charge & Battery

If you are going to buy a regular Nintendo Switch then you should know that you can charge the Joy-cons both attaching with the Nintendo Switch or you can charge using a charging stand. In case you are going to have a Nintendo Switch Lite you need to pay for your charging stand. The battery life in both Nintendo Switch & Switch lite is quite similar. Though the regular Nintendo Switch offers better battery life. But in reality, no matter which one you use, the battery life will depend on what you are playing on it. Generally, the regular Nintendo Switch offers a battery life of 5.5 hours to 9 hours. On the other hand, the Nintendo Switch Lite offers a battery life of 3 to 7 hours.


There is not a huge difference between the price tag of Regular Nintendo Switch & Nintendo Switch Lite. At the maximum, you will find a difference of $100. With this extra hundred bucks, you well get Joy-cons, wireless connection, Tv output & some other features in a regular Nintendo Switch. The Switch Lite will cost less but you will need to consider the versatility for sure.


As we mentioned in the beginning, the choice depends on what you are exactly looking for. The regular Nintendo Switch offers versatility, TV & monitor output, wireless control, Haptic & some other features that you can not find in Switch Lite. On the other hand Switch, Lite offers a lightweight & smaller body, easy control, capacitive touch functionality & handheld design for everyone.

You can get some extra things by spending a few bucks if you buy the regular Switch, but it does not mean that everyone will need those extra features. So if you want versatility & want to explore more ways in Nintendo Switch gaming then the regular Nintendo Switch will be better for you. But if you are looking for a handy & travel-friendly gaming console to take everywhere or maybe for you & your children the Switch Lite can be the best option for you.


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