Count on our maintenance service for automatic doors

Count on our maintenance service for automatic doors

The installation of automatic doors, whether for your home or your business, is not based simply on acquiring this type of openings without more. They can bring several advantages in terms of safety, but it is also important to have a good maintenance service on automatic doors.

We say this because automatic doors, having a mechanical operating system, must be maintained with some regularity, in the same way that you do the maintenance of your car. The gears must always be well lubricated, and the replacement of the parts that may be failing, must be immediate to avoid future problems.

If just thinking about this gives you a headache, keep reading because you have nothing to worry about, it is easier than you think. The key is to acquire our automatic door maintenance service to maintain your openings periodically and responsibly.


As a company specialized in the installation of automatic doors, we know how important their maintenance is, and we take very seriously the current legislation of the "Technical Building Code" that requires constant maintenance of automatic doors. and it takes place 24 hours a day.

Other laws that also emphasize the mandatory maintenance of automatic doors are "article 10 of the Horizontal Property Law", "article 1907 of the Civil Code" and "article 31 of the Law 21/1992 ''.

This is so to prevent any type of unforeseen event at any time of the day and that the security of the client who has contracted the service is always protected. In any case, the maintenance of the doors must always be carried out in a preventive way to try to avoid these misfortunes.

Acquiring automatic doors is of course an investment, and whoever carries it out hopes not to have to invest more because of failures or breakdowns that could have been avoided with good periodic maintenance.


Among other tasks, the automatic door maintenance service is responsible for conducting monthly inspections precisely to prevent any type of damage that the doors may have.

The same happens with the lubrication and complete greasing of all doors. He is also involved in the replacement of all spare parts that may be failing or that already require a renewal, always informing the client with transparency of the need for these changes, as well as their costs.

Only a specialized company will know exactly how much oil the type of door you have has, or how to deal with humidity and meteorological factors, since wind, rain or strong storms can bring complications, and the equipment must be well protected.

One of the types of automatic doors that require constant maintenance are pedestrian doors, since these are generally used in large shops where a large number of people circulate and their use is constant.

Whether of the sliding, rotating or hinged type, the truth is that one of the most common problems is usually inclement weather, which can cause external damage to the automatic door system.

Failure of door sensors can also prevent doors from working properly, blocking entrances and exits, causing a host of problems.

The passage of time can also simply be another factor that affects automatic doors, since their parts must be replaced with certain periodicity. Timely replacement of bearings or springs will prevent more serious problems.

The same service applies to automatic garage doors. These types of doors are usually hired in homes for a security issue. Precisely because it is about your peace of mind, and because we never know when an unwanted failure may occur, it is vitally important that you have a reliable service for the maintenance of automatic doors, since we are talking about your own home.

We recommend hiring our automatic door maintenance service, because only in this way will you have the security above other unreliable offers, knowing that whenever you need help, a specialized professional technician will immediately attend to your problem.