2021 Best Tools to Embed Google Review Widget on Website

Review is very important for businesses and customers. For businesses, reviews provide a brief about their reputation in the market and public opinion for their products, while for the potential customers, it helps in their buying decisions.

The Internet is an open source where people are free to convey their messages. Hence, to express their opinions about a particular brand or product, Google provides a separate platform that allows people to present reviews in a detailed form. Businesses often embed Google review widget on their websites and display all reviews regarding the product and help a potential customer in their decision making.

What is Google Reviews?

google review widget

A smart customer always reads all the reviews and opinions regarding the product and brand before purchasing. Often, the review source cannot be trustworthy as many websites often provide fake or spam reviews. And this is where Google reviews come into action; Google reviews provide a genuine user review regarding any product or business. It only allows authenticated users to post reviews; therefore, it is the most trusted platform, with 90% of the buyers checking Google reviews before buying a product.

Marketers use google reviews for their benefits as they showcase all reviews on their website. It helps them provide authenticity to their business. It also enhances their reputation in the market as they appear transparent in front of their audience.

You can use Google reviews for your benefits by displaying them on your website using the Google review widget. Many tools help you display reviews on your website; here is the list of best tools available in the market and provide some great results.

Best Tools to Embed Google Review Widget

Google review widget is an amazing tool that helps you to gather all the reviews from google and displays them beautifully on your website. In addition, it makes your website more engaging and interactive as people always like to read more about the product before making a purchase.

Embedding the Google Review widget is a great addition to your marketing strategy, and here are the best tools that help you to imply it.

1. Tagembed

Tagembed is currently the best social media aggregator in the market. It provides a dedicated Google review widget that you can embed on your website. It is easy to install and run. You just have to copy the code and paste it on the backend of your website. You don’t need to have any coding experience or knowledge to set up to run this widget, or you don’t even need to hire any specialist for this widget. The widget aggregates all the reviews related to your business and showcases them beautifully on your website without any hassle.

It also provides you with the feature where you can manually approve the posts before making them public. It helps you to hide any abusive or disrespectful posts and maintain the quality of your website.

2. WordPress plugin for Google reviews

WordPress provides some amazing plugins that increase the functionality of your website. Google review plugin is another useful tool that helps you to display all the google reviews regarding your businesses on your website. You can even personalise the plugin and match it according to the style of your website.

3. Elfsight

Elfisght is one of the most popular social media aggregators that provides a separate Google review widget that only focuses on fetching google reviews related to your business. It also provides you with a customisation feature to customise the widget and change its layout; you display the reviews as list, grid, masonry, or slider. You can also change the template style and make your website more appealing to visitors.

4. Embedsocial

EmbedSocial provides a review aggregation tool that helps you aggregate all the reviews regarding your business from the Google review platform. It uses your Google Places or Google Maps locations to pull customer reviews. With the help of this tool, you can even showcase all the testimonials on your website page and create a good impression on the visitor’s mind.

Why Should You Embed Google Review Widget?

Today, everything is now available at the click of a button; it has opened opportunities for many businesses to amplify their recognition and establish themselves in the market. A potential customer always visits the website and collects all the information regarding a brand before making any purchases. Also, a potential customer always considers reviews before making any purchase. 

You can impress your potential customers by enhancing their browsing experience. You can provide details of your products from your website and at the same time provide them with reviews of your products. It will help you to win their trust. But keep in mind that you don’t have your negative points excessively. By displaying both positive and negative points about your product, you can strengthen your brand reputation and appear transparent in front of your visitor.

Embedded reviews also develop a strong relationship with the brand and customer. A customer feels valued when brands consider his opinions and feature them on their website. It builds a strong customer-brand relationship and helps you to convert your customer into your loyal customer.


Any business needs to win the trust of its potential customers to attain more sales. Reviews provide a great brief about the business and its market reputation. A good public opinion makes a business trustworthy, but people often fail to read genuine reviews as they find it difficult to find them under so many spam websites. You can provide ease to your potential customers by embedding a Google review widget on your website and providing all necessary details about the product and business on the same page. It will help you to win trust and generate a brand reputation.


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