What Should You Consider While Using Teeth Whitening Strips?

What Should You Consider While Using Teeth Whitening Strips?

Stained teeth can bring you real embarrassment when it comes to your facial beauty aspect. But fortunately, there are several inexpensive remedies available in the market to remove tooth stains as over-the-counter products such as teeth whitening gels, tray systems, and whitening toothpaste, etc.

Such less expensive in-office treatment systems are teeth bleaching agents and teeth whitening strips that a reliable dentist can do for you. Unlike other dental treatments, strips are convenient and easy to use as they do not involve any liquid ingredients. Let’s get to know some facts before using the strips.

  • Brush your teeth before application

As per the instruction, you should continue to apply your teeth whitening strips for the entire period of time. They are needed to be applied to the teeth every day. The most primary instruction is to brush your teeth before placing the whitening strips in place. Make sure the toothpaste does not include fluoride as it can affect the whitening agents, so they would not be as effective. Brushing teeth opens up the pores in teeth so the whitening agents can be accessible.

  • Keep away from uneven whitening

Be sure to place the teeth whitening strips with precision. With two-dimensional teeth whitening strips, it’s hard to cover the teeth row fully. These flexible strips are made of plastic with one side a thin layer of peroxide bases whitening gel.  The uncovered areas would not be as white as the others. Thus, be patient with the application process and cover them adequately to get even whitening.

  • Use the strips in Moderation

These whitening strips are safe to use in Moderation. But refrain from overdoing the process to avoid teeth sensitivity. In case the strips are applied with a high frequency, it might cause permanent damage to teeth. The overexposure of the whitening agents in the strips can erode the enamel layer, which protects the internal teeth roots resulting in tooth loss.

  • Don’t make contact with gums

Although the bleaching agents in teeth whitening strips are not as powerful as the ones dentists use, they are certainly capable of damaging gum tissues.  As you are applying them yourself, stir clear from making any contact with the gums. To make them more suitable, you can cut the strips short of matching the shapes of each of your teeth with a scissor. It can also serve as an aesthetic purpose to your facial beauty and looks.

  • Be cautious about your diet after whitening

After the teeth whitening strips application, give some time to your mouth to let the pores get closed for the whitening agents to work before they again open up after a couple of hours. Thus, it is advisable to refrain from consuming any dark food materials or beverages containing dark hues such as coffee, soda, or wine until later in the day.

As a first-time user, you must know that the teeth whitening strips are flexible but flat. The biggest advantage of using strips is their invisible property. You can wear it whenever, wherever you want without aggravating your jaws, and no one can guess it.