Is A Dental Implant Necessary

A dental implant is the tiny little alloy screw that is surgically inserted to replace the missing teeth. The screw is implanted into the jawbone, and it firmly connects the artificial teeth into the jaw. Implants are also used to support loose and removable dentures. Keep reading to learn the importance of dental implant surgery Orange County.

A Dental Implant is the Most Natural Tooth Replacement Option

The most common reasons for missing a tooth are poor oral hygiene, tartar and plaque buildup, decay, or rental-related disease. If you have a missing tooth, a dental implant is the most common process your local dental implant specialist Orange County will suggest. Implants are the base and structure of a replacement tooth. Not replacing the missing tooth can result in a drastic change to your mouth and teeth’ dynamics. A missing tooth can also cause several issues restraining your day-to-day life.

Meet a dental implant specialist when you have a missing tooth. If you don’t replace the gap at the right time, the results sooner or later can get extreme. Aesthetically also dental implants are crucial. Besides, implants also play a significant role in the functioning of the mouth. A dental implant helps people get a healthy bite, maintain the teeth alignment, and lowers down chances of bone deterioration. Implants are also beneficial when we talk about the beauty facet of your teeth. Replacing your missing teeth with dental implants will provide you with the self-confidence to talk and smile. In addition, it will enhance your self-confidence and self-esteem when eating your favorite food.

If you ignore, put off, or forgo dental implant surgery, be ready to experience several adverse impacts not only on your oral health but also on the health of your entire body and your pocket. Delaying or forgoing the implant procedure will cause more oral issues and require more work to eliminate that aftereffect. Unfortunately, insufficient information leads people to avoid dental implant procedures or wait for a long time to complete them. But for a healthy life reaching out to a reliable dental implant specialist is essential.

If time is the issue, you can also talk to your oral surgeon about the same-day dental implant Orange County procedure to improve your dental condition immediately. This process is an advanced dental implant surgery through which an implant is immediately fixed after the damaged tooth is removed.

Your eligibility for a same-day dental implant procedure relies on three things.

1. Your oral hygiene
2. Condition of your teeth
3. Amount of bone grafting needed

The benefits of same-day dental implant procedure are:

1. Reduced amount of surgical procedures 
2. Maximized healing possibility due to the recovery nature of the extraction socket. 
3. Lesser dental appointments from the time of tooth extraction to the recovery. 
4. The overall simplified procedure with the best outcome. 
5. Effective and comfortable for people 
6. Improved and properly maintained shapes of the gum, aesthetics, and comfort of the patient during the recovery phase

Advantages of dental implant

Dental implants not only replace the missing teeth but also provide support to the removable and loose dentures. These are the three major benefits of replacing lost or damaged teeth.

Enhanced physical features: Until you have all your teeth unbroken or undamaged, you will not understand that even a single space in your mouth can put you under emotional stress. We all are concerned about how we look from various degrees. Nevertheless, a missing tooth can impact your confidence. You can lose your ideal smile since a missing tooth can also result in low self-esteem. Experts say that dental implants are highly effective in enhancing both your morale and confidence.

Better Oral Health: Once you lose a single tooth, your entire oral structure will get disturbed. The gap on your jawline paves the way for the remaining teeth to tilt and move due to even normal chewing. Many people have lost multiple teeth and encounter bone loss in the same row alongside.

The Comfort: People with all undamaged teeth will have no idea how it feels when a specific piece of food comes between the exposed root of the lost molar and the existing one. It is indeed an uncomfortable experience and sometimes very painful. Once people start experiencing this, they give up their most loved food to get rid of the discomfort and pain. Not chewing your favorite food properly is likely to stop you from enjoying an important part of your life. An expert dentist can help you overcome this situation.


A single missing tooth can affect your feeling since you might have never experienced how it feels after losing a tooth. It can make you feel uncomfortable while talking and can also create discomfort while eating. As mentioned before, many people quit eating their favorite food since it causes them pain. Nevertheless, they stop enjoying their life.

If you are having a missing tooth, don’t ignore it! Instead, consult a dental implant specialist in Orange County and understand the implant process. The dental implant procedure is not painful since the specialist will numb the area to prevent discomfort.


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