6 Reasons Why Yoga Is Good For Couples

Yoga is much more than sitting cross-legged with closed eyes for hours. It is a natural way for you to train your body and mind. The numerous yoga asanas and techniques relax your body and mind, not to forget also improve your overall health. Although the majority of individuals take to yoga as an individual practice there is much more to this ancient art.

Have you heard of yoga for couples? It is the best way for you to deepen your relationship with your significant other. You get to access a whole new realm of this sacred art both as individuals and together.

Why Should I Try Yoga For Couples?

Every relationship undergoes a bad phase that impacts your level of bonding and excitement with your partner. Yoga is a natural way to stay fit and it offers couples a way to minimize the mental and physical distance and work on the issues at hand.

That being said, given below are six reasons why you should give couple yoga a try.

1. Enhances Intimacy

Often, couples fall out of love with each other owing to a boring love life. It is either the same boring routine or nothing at all due to a busy schedule. In such a situation, you and your partner develop feelings of resentment towards one another.

If you are in a relationship that is suffering from sexual dysfunction then enrolling in a yoga retreat program will help reignite the spark in your relationship. Yoga goes much deeper than sitting cross-legged. You can include massage and breathing exercises to rebuild trust, confidence, and intimacy.

2. Remove Pride & Ego

A major factor responsible for countless breakups is too much pride or ego. You or your partner become overridden with excessive pride due to egotism. Moreover, when one of you is egoistic then communicating and working out the relationship becomes an impossible task.

Even sexual health professionals agree that ego and pride have a large impact on your intimacy with your partner. In such a case it is a good idea to give yoga a try as there are asanas that work solely by supporting each other. A big lesson that yoga teaches couples is to accept each other's shortcomings and drawbacks.

In the long run, a yoga practice strengthens your relationship on a mental, physical, and spiritual basis.

3. Increases Warmth & Affection

The two most important elements in any relationship are warmth and affection. On the other hand, a lack of these two makes your relationship cold and dull. Relationship experts claim that touch is essential for a relationship to thrive. This increases one partner's desire towards the other.

With so many yoga asanas, you can bring the element of warmth and affection to your relationship.

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4. Develops Emotional Support

Any couple yoga pose you practice needs you to depend partially or entirely on your partner. Doing yoga for couples is not for you if you look out only for yourself. You both would need each other's support and help to practice the yoga asana with ease.

In short, you or your partner have to share control. This provides both an opportunity to discover each other's talent and skills. You need emotional support and that is essential for your relationship to thrive especially during trying times. This is what makes couple yoga worth your time and effort.

5. Minimizes Stress & Anxiety

Relationships come with their own set of responsibilities. Unfortunately, at times too much responsibility becomes a cause of stress in the relationship.

There is no doubt that yoga minimizes stress & anxiety. On the other hand, if your relationship is undergoing some problems it might be time for you to give couple yoga a try. You should give this yoga style a try to keep discomfort and anxiety at bay.

6. Gives Quality Time

Not spending quality time with your partner is sure to have a negative impact on your relationship. In short, the less time you spend with your significant other the more you drive them away. The yoga for couples gives both of you quality time to spend and also become fit at the same time.


Relationships often undergo a lot of ups and downs. You can keep the spark alive by enrolling in yoga for couples class and get rid of the boredom.


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