What to expect at attic inspection?

The attic can be defined as space between the roof and ceilings of the room. People use the attic for different reasons, and some convert the attic into a room while others use it as a storage space. The attic is responsible for maintaining a stable temperature in the house. Attic insulation helps the house owners in keeping their home warm in winter. It also strengthens the house, keeps the pests away, and makes the place highly energy efficient. Best spray foam companies in Toronto use high-quality products that are fire-resistant and sustainable. Some of the Best fireproofing companies in Toronto also offer attic insulation and basement insulation.

Sometimes, house owners dive right into the attic insulation project without calling the experts to examine the insulation status. People often self-inspect the attic insulation to check if the insulation needs to be repaired or replaced. However, they miss the essential aspects of attic insulation and end up paying more than the budget. 


What is an attic inspection?

If you are planning for attic insulation in Bramptonthen you need to get your attic inspected. Not just this attic inspection needs to be done annually to examine the status of attic insulation. Many house owners are overwhelmed when they call in inspection experts for attic insulation. This is primarily because they don’t know what attic inspection is.

Attic inspection can be defined as the thorough inspection of the attic, which includes examining the vents, ducts, and possible leakages. The attic inspection can help house owners estimate the potential cost needed for the insulation from the best Best spray foam companies in Toronto. It can also help the owners in avoiding any unnecessary expenses and reducing utility costs. The attic inspection can say a lot about the house, like susceptible areas of fire and leakages.

The attic inspection expert prepares a detailed report based on the thorough inspection of the attic. The expert rates the attic and the house on different parameters. Some of the components that he/ she inspects are mentioned below-

1. Examining the attic vents

In many houses and residential complexes, the air conditioning and heating vents are located in the attics. A vented attic has many benefits, like it regulates the airflow to maintain warm temperatures in winter and cold temperatures in summer. The examiner looks out for rusts, condensation on the sheaths, and molds to check the vent condition. They also lookout for any possible obstructions in the attic vents.

2. Signs of any possible water leakages

Water leakages can prove to be a nightmare for homeowners. It is not always crucial that the leakages will be due to wear and tear of the roof, but water can also seep through the vents and chimneys. The possible indication of water leakages is moisture, mold, rot, and potential water stains. The water leakages can lead to high energy bills and costly repairs.

3. Checking the insulation status

Most of the houses have attic insulation, but house owners don’t inspect the insulation status. The two main aspects of checking attic insulation in Brampton are the condition of the insulation and if the insulation is sufficient or not. The attic inspection is vital to determine the energy efficiency of the house.

During attic inspection, the expert uses thermal imaging to detect the change in the temperature quickly. It can also be used to check missing insulation spots. The examiner also determines if the insulation is sufficient or not; sometimes, the insulation thicker than required.

4. Pest infestation

Rodents and insects love dark, warm, and humid environments like the attic environment. Droppings, nests, and leaves are the primary indication of rodents and pests. Suppose there are possible indications of the infestation. In that case, the inspector will guide the house owners in getting rid of the infestation per the local authorities and government guidelines.



Homeowners need to schedule the attic inspection annually, proving to be very effective for the homeowners. Many people also prefer to schedule an appointment with the Best fireproofing company in Toronto. While planning an appointment with the expert, one should ensure that the meeting is not expected on a rainy day, resulting in a faulty environment.


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