Fun Facts About Seahorse And Sea Jellies For Kids

There are several marine animals that contain various features and properties that are not known to us. These features and unique behaviors of these animals never miss to fascinate and amaze us. It is very important for the kids to know about these peculiar behaviors of these animals because it will increase their knowledge.

This information is meant to increase your kids' knowledge, but it is also very important to help your kids know the importance of marine life. Your children will not know the threats to marine life unless they do not know about them and their behaviors. So teaching your kids apart from their curriculum is very important, and taking them to parks and zoo is one of the great sources to inject knowledge about animals.

Keep scrolling down the article to know some fun facts about very popular sea creatures, sea jellies, and seahorses.

Top 4 interesting facts about sea jellies for kids

Sea jellies are also known as jellyfish; these are some of the freely moving sea animals. Their appearance is more like an umbrella, and they have stinging properties for their defense. The jellyfish or sea jellies have numerous kinds and species, each with different kinds of behaviors. But certain properties are common in all sea jellies, which we will describe in the coming paragraphs.

Below are few interesting facts about sea jellies your kids need to know.

1) They glow in the dark

One of the most fascinating and eye-catching properties of sea jellies is that they glow in the dark. They give vibrant colors when they are kept in the dark, attracting the attention of the viewers. These are the symbol of beauty and attraction; that is why these are kept in various aquariums. If you want to witness these beautiful moments yourself, you can buy Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo tickets. You will find various other sea animals along with these beautiful creatures here.

2) They lack few organs

This may sound odd, but it is true that these animals lack a few organs. Among these organs are the brain and heart. The other element we expect to be in them is blood, but these sea jellies also do not have blood in them. Despite lacking all these important organs in them, they still survive, and their bodies and internal systems are made so that they can live without these organs.

3) Some are immortal

One of the properties that are very difficult to believe is that some of the species of sea jellies are immortal. They do not die and live forever; That is why these species underwater are not limited. Sea jellies are one of the sea animals found in huge numbers, which is the only reason you often get to see them on the shore when you visit a beach.

4) Their sting is dangerous

Another property of sea jellies you need to know is their stinging behavior. These stings could be minor or deadly for you. You must ensure that you avoid contact with them whenever you see them because they sting even after their tentacles are broken off from their bodies. The symptoms of these stings could be irritations, allergies, or, most of the time, swelling. 

Top 3 interesting facts about seahorse for kids

Another sea animal that attracts everyone's attention is the seahorse. These are named seahorses because their appearance is much like a horse, except that they are smaller. Their size ranges between 1.5 to 35.5 cm. the average life span of these marine animals is 1 to 5 years in the wild. 

Below are a few properties and behaviors of sea horses your kids need to learn.

a) The camouflage

One of the most peculiar behaviors of seahorses is that they can camouflage. These animals are more likely to adapt to the environment around them for their safety. So, you will hardly see them whenever you are swimming in the sea, even if they are around you. This property makes them able to avoid any threats and their prey.

b) Their eyes work independently

Another property that these animals possess is different from all the other sea animals. These animals have two eyes, but their eyes work independently. This independence is for the safety purpose so that while swimming forward, they can also watch out for any attack from the back. This property makes them escape quickly if they identify any threat around them or camouflage to dodge the prey.

c) Their tail is their weapon

The three most important elements in these animals that attract our attention are the head, the trunk, and the tail. It has a long tail, and there is a purpose behind this long tail. One of the most prominent uses of its tail is for attacking purposes. So if their enemies attack them, they can fight well and defend themselves. To get to know more about the behaviors of these marine animals, book your tickets for the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo and enjoy a day full of new experiences.

Are you ready to visit the aquarium?

The properties and facts mentioned earlier are enough to develop an interest in you to know more about these marine animals. If you are keen to know more about them, then you can either go to the seashore or visit the aquariums that have a combination of various see animals.


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