A Detailed Guide On cPanel

CPanel is a most widely used web hosting control panel software platform developed by cPanel, LLC. It basically provides the automation tools and also the graphical user interface (GUI) designed to simplify the website hosting process to the end user or the website owner. At the same time, this hosting platform also enables the administration through the standard web browser with the help of the 3-tier structure. As cPanel spammer.ro cpanels is limited to manage the single hosting account, WHM and cPanel allows the entire server administration. Additionally with the graphical user interface, this hosting software also has the API and command line based access which allows the third party software vendors, developers, and also the web hosting organizations to automate the administration processes of the standard system.

Everything about cPanel:

CPanel along with WHM is actually designed to function either as the virtual private server or the dedicated server. It is always essential to make use of the latest version of the cPanel with WHM because it supports the installation on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS, and also CloudLinux OS. Recently, the cPanel version 11.30 has been released to support the FreeBSD. All the users of this hosting platform should have to know that this cPanel software installation doesn’t give you an uninstaller. If you want to remove this hosting software at any situation, you should have to reformat your entire server.

When you want to do the new installation of cPanel, it has to be performed on the freshly installed OS (Operating System). In order to make an exceptional range of hosting experience, cPanel is one and only the best choice for everyone. This is why it is considered as the industry leading website hosting software platform along with the world class support and features. For over the last two decades, cPanel has remained a leading hosting automation software platform with the thousands of happy customers all over the world to grow their business. When you utilize this hosting platform, it will explore more opportunities and grow your business better to get increased sales rate and profit.

How to start with cPanel and grow your business?

  • It is really very easy to get started with cPanel and WHM. It actually gives you with the necessary tools for creating and automating all types of the server management tasks.
  • By this way, cPanel allows you to focus on authorizing your clients and build every aspect of your website experience in a better way.
  • With the regular use of the cPanel hosting software platform, you can get the best control and flexibility at your fingertips.
  • With these benefits, you can manage hundreds of features incorporated into cPanel or allow your clients to take the wheel.
  • According to the needs of your customers, you can take a lead with this hosting platform.
  • Are you looking for the best way to grow your business? Using cPanel web hosting software is definitely a right choice for everyone.
  • You will get the great revenue generating capabilities with the use of this hosting platform.
  • At the same time, it also provides you the complete access to the third party plugins, add-ons, transfer tools, white label software, and also more to enable you to level with ease.

CPanel always offers the extensive range of add-on solutions in order to offer the premium hosting experience to each and every user. All website developers & designers, IT professionals, business leaders, small to medium business owners, and business partners can make use of this cPanel in order to grow their business in a better way. CPanel actually allows every user to manage domains, publish websites, create email accounts, organize web files, and more. It has two different interfaces such as the server management interface called web host manager (WHM) and the user interface called cPanel. This combination of two interfaces allows you to manage your website and offers the hosting providers with the tools to manage the server. CPanel is not free hosting software because it is the third party hosting application. There are different hosting packages available in it and you have to pick the best & suitable one for your hosting requirements.