4 Key Considerations for Your Productivity Toolkit & Accomplishing Goals

4 Key Considerations for Your Productivity Toolkit & Accomplishing Goals

Being productive can prove challenging, especially within the new paradigm that exists in the post-pandemic world. Whether you aim to achieve something in the professional realm or just want to do something for yourself, it can be hard to take that first step.

Creating a productivity system can vary from person to person but the general framework remains the same. Identify your goal, and then identify what you need to meet that goal.


What do you want?

Goal setting can be complex, but as the first step in any long-term operation, it is important to get a handle on what to look for in a proper goal. Your goal needs to be SMART. What is a SMART goal? In short, it is a goal that is coherent, realistic, as well as set into a timetable.

Being able to measure your goal is also an important factor in making sure that it is realistic. An example of a reasonable personal goal would be to elevate your stamina from being able to handle a four-mile run to a five-mile run in two months’ time. A professional goal could involve improving performance evaluations by a specific score before the next evaluation.


What do you need?

After setting a goal there are three things you need to accomplish it. Those three things are Time, Tools, and Training. These are three fundamental aspects that need to be identified alongside your goal and are the foundation of your productivity system.



Time relates to goals in two ways. The first is setting a timeframe for your goal to be completed while the second is setting aside time to work on that goal.

A timeframe would be a six-month training regime for a marathon while setting aside the time every morning to run and practice would be the smaller scale application of time.

Time management for professional work is also important and can be managed with helpful apps or websites like TomatoTimer. This allows you to set a timer and follow a schedule of working and breaks that you can customize to suit your workflow.



Having the proper tools to meet your needs is essential when trying to meet your goals. It would be difficult to train for a marathon without running shoes or to work in an office environment without a computer or other common office supplies. Identify what tools you need to meet your goal and then acquire them.



This is the hardest aspect to quantify, but it can also be the most rewarding to seek out, and sometimes training can itself be a goal. Training can range from formal education to hands-on experience in your desired field and can either be gained by yourself or with the help of someone more knowledgeable.


You can do it

The most important thing tying your productivity system together is you. Having the grit to persevere to meet your goals is one of the most common traits in successful people and possessing the optimism to meet the challenges to your goals head-on is an important key to success. Nothing worth doing is ever easy but having a solid foundation to work from can lighten the load.