Which SAP Module is in Demand 2021?

Which SAP Module is in Demand 2021?

In Data Processing, the SAP is Systems Applications and Products, which by the definition is both the name of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and the name of the company. The SAP system consists of several fully integrated modules covering all aspects of business management. In the ERP market, SAP is the # 1 software that explains its popularity and high-demand.

Some SAP modules are currently in high demand such as SAP FI, SAP HCM, SAP MM, SAP PP, SAP SD, SAP ABAP and others. Besides these SAP modules, you can also build a career in some additional SAP modules such as SAP CRM and SAP BI.

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Mostly Demanded Modules of SAP

Though SAP has many modules and each module has its significance in several fields but there are only that are highly demanded in the current scenario. The following is the list of SAP modules as per their popularity:

  • SAP FI: SAP FI (Financial Accounting) is one of the basic units of SAP ERP. It is widely used for storing the financial data of an organization. SAP FI helps analyze a company's financial situation in the market. It can be integrated with other SAP modules such as SAP SD, SAP PP, SAP MM, SAP SCM, and so on.
  • SAP MM: The SAP MM (Materials Management) module is a SAP ERP component that assists organizations in managing materials, inventory and warehouse throughout the supply chain process. It is a part of the SAP ECC logistics functions and has several components and subcomponents. The most visible and widely used components are purchasing, master data, and inventory.
  • SAP SD: The SAP Sales and Distribution Module is part of the SAP Logistics module, which manages customer relationships by increasing offers to order sales and billing for a product or service. This module is fully compatible with other modules such as SAP Material Management and PP.
  • SAP PP: SAP PP (Production Planning) is a SAP module specially designed to integrate the various parts involved in manufacturing and manufacturing.
  • SAP HCM: SAP HCM is a human resource management system. As the successor to SAP HR, it includes all functions related to human resources, candidate management, payroll, and staff development. In addition, SAP HCM links personnel management to request and verification classification programs.
  • SAP Basis: Basis is the operating system of SAP and ABAP applications. It provides service fundamentals such as operating system connectivity, web applications, memory management, data exchange with databases, business data exchange, runtime data collection, and more.
  • SAP ABAP: ABAP is a high-level programming language developed by SAP that helps large companies in customizing SAP ERP. ABAP can help set up workflows for financial accounting, asset management, material management, and other SAP modules. The SAP NetWeaver development platform now also supports ABAP and Java.

Some Consideration Before Choosing Any of the SAP Module

After limiting your options for the above modules, you should consider your education and work experience (if any) to limit your options for the best SAP module for the future.

For example, if you have an MBA in Human Resources, choosing the SAP FI module is useless. SAP HCM is the most suitable module for you. Working in the HCM module gives you a competitive advantage over SAP FI, where you work as a beginner.

Before choosing a SAP module, you need to think carefully about whether you want to work with SAP from the very beginning. When making decisions, you need to consider your passion, motivation, talent, and career goals.

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There is general confusion about choosing a SAP module, in which case it helps you focus on the area of interest first, and then on your academic background, work experience, career aspirations, and future goals. However, if there are long-standing doubts about which of these modules is the best choice, it is important to know that not every company implements all SAP modules. So the best modules are by far the most implemented ones that lead to the highest employability, and the modules that fall into this category are SAP FICO, SAP SD, SAP MM, SAP HRM, SAP PP and there are always people with technical specialists’ curves, SAP Basis or ABAP.