Things To Know Before Studying BSc. In Gaming, Animation, VFX

Last year, a report published by FICCI and EY revealed that the size of Indian Media and Entertainment Industry reached INR 1.82 trillion and is expected to reach INR 2.42 trillion in the year 2022. These enviable statistics transformed India as the centre of global attention. Even though India has been an outsourcing hub for animation, VFX and gaming since the last one and half decade, the emergence of Indian media as a trillion dollar industry and the inevitable growth in coming years have started drawing investments like never before. 

Furthermore, according to the FICCI-EY report online games is the most promising segment of Indian Media industry with 43% compound annual growth till 2022 followed by Digital Marketing and Animation & VFX industry. This is because India is considered as Youngistan, with the average age of Indian population at 29 years and 65% of Indians below 65 years and 50% of the population below 25 years. Moreover, 60% of Indian gamers are below the age group of 25 years.

Compound Annual Growth Rate of Animation and VFX stands at 18% which is not even half of gaming, but still animation and vfx is more popular among students than gaming. This article is to help students select better courses and institutions.

1) Impact of COVID on industries : COVID 19 has impacted industries like Hospitality, Tourism, Aviation, Film and advertising, manufacturing, logistics and the list is endless. The projected growth of animation and VFX has taken a downturn in the last couple of years while according to a report published by Maple Capital Advisors, Indian gaming industry will reach USD 3750 million by 2024. In Jan 2020 India contributed 21% of global PUBG players while in the first 9 months of pandemic, India became the largest consumer of online games in the world with 7.3 billion downloads. Hence while selecting a career currently, students must consider the impact of COVID 19 pandemic.

2) Curriculum: Animation, VFX, Gaming are predominantly skill based professions. Students with rote learning skills do barely survive in these sectors and hence they should not even attempt to get into these industries. These industries reward students with creativity and grit. No longer how good you are in memorizing ballads and theories, if you cannot create stunning visuals and animation- your memorizing skill cannot sustain your job. Most Indian universities offering courses in gaming, animation or vfx do follow theory based curriculum. Even the exams and assessments are based on rote learning skills. In contrast to industry demands, students from these universities end up in theory fed certified students. They stand nowhere in professional premises. Furthermore, from recruiters’ perspective; your bachelors or masters degree in gaming/ animation or vfx does not warrant you a job or promotion. As long as your creativity is not worth a dime, you will not get a job in the animation, vfx or gaming industry. Hence while pursuing degree courses in these fields, you must emphasize more on the quality of your work instead of marks or score sheets. 

Besides that, the training methodology and software taught in most universities are primitive and teacher centric. While industries like Animation, VFX and gaming are dynamic and are evolving faster than ever, hence the training also needs to be dynamic and industry centric.

3) Placement record: Check for in-house placement offers, very few institutes offer in-house placement or Pre placement offers to students. While others promise placement assistance to other companies which often turns out to be really disappointing. So before taking admission check the percentage of students placed and average initial package. In Kolkata, some of the leading production houses offer INR 5k-6k to animation freshers. The VFX industry in Kolkata is not big enough to harbour thousands of vfx students churning out every year with the promise of “Placement Assistance”. 

4) Internship is not rendering free service: The internship process in India is not standardized and hence students often face unwanted situations in the name of internship. Some of the universities often claim to provide internships. But in most cases students are not the primary beneficiaries of these internship programs. They are either underpaid or are deployed in jobs that are not relevant to their subject of study. Hence students should verify such claims through alumni and documents of prior interns. But students are not free labour, even interns deserve a standard payment for their services rendered to the firm. 

5) Self Assessment: This is the most important aspect ignored by most of the students. In India, almost 90% of students select their career based on peer pressure or exemplifying a successful professional from their fraternity. This is the most unscientific process of selecting a career. The consequence is evident from the employability ratio of BTech (47% please verify for once) and MBA students Furthermore, this leads to job dissatisfaction, professional anxiety and inexplicable stress. 

At Red Apple Learning, we believe that every student is special and is blessed with unique abilities. These abilities cannot be and should not be judged on the basis of academic scores. These abilities may not necessarily be academic excellence, rather it could be cognitive brilliance or elevated visualization skills. That’s why at Red Apple Learning, we conduct a special psychometric test to assess applicants and also help them analyze their inherent potential. 

6) Industry Research: I’m sure most students are simply unaware about this phrase. Almost 85-90% of unemployed Indian graduates realize the importance of Market research only when the loss becomes irrevocable. They must conduct some basic research on their desired career trajectories. They can find reports 

( through which they can learn a lot about these industries. Unemployability is a bigger threat to modern students than unemployment. Learn to trust yourself more than certificates, it is you who will be appearing for the job interview. Recruiters shall be assessing you and not your college or university. Hence upskill yourself in the best possible way and also look out for the best institutes to pursue your career in animation, vfx and gaming. 

Conclusion: Hope this discussion has given you ample information about the aspects that the aspirants should consider before enrolling themselves for the courses. A game training institute of repute focuses on grooming candidates to reduce the prevailing skill gap along with enhancing their abilities in terms of competencies and inherent potential. Students are mentored by industry stalwarts to bring in trends and set examples for future generations to take up animation and vfx as their career. Right from providing industrial training with stipends to ensuring worthy pay packages during final placements are the hallmark of popular training institutes.