Best schools of India - The Leading Bangalore School

Best schools of India - The Leading Bangalore School

One of the leading educational hubs not only in India but in entire Asia, Bangalore is a city in the state of Karnataka which is famous for its institutes in almost every kind of stream like,

  • Law

  • Health

  • Medicine

  • Fashion

  • Management

  • Social sciences

And many, many more

This city boasts of a rich cultural heritage and is also known for its soothing weather conditions and that is the reason it attracts a lot of students from all over the continent and ex-pat families show interest in settling in here. 

This city has a population that is multilingual, multicultural, and yet global in nature. The ex-pat families want to come here because of the fast and vibrant lifestyle, technologically advanced work culture, and an educational system that is extremely advanced in nature that will cater to the little members of their families. That is the reason there has been a considerable rise in the need for international schools in the city of Bangalore in the past few decades. In spite of the rise in numbers of international schools in the city, there remains the only one which is the absolute best among all the international schools in the city - the Global Indian International School.

The global Indian International School - a Catalyst of Innovative Thinking in the Educational Sector

The emphasis of the Global Indian International School of Bangalore is on the development of the personality as well as the skill sets of all the students along with bringing forth excellence in their academic career. 

The main mission of this bengaluru school is to shape up the students to become the best role models of the educational system of India as well as the whole world.

Why is the Global Indian International School the best International School in Bangalore?

This school has won multiple awards and it offers a curriculum which nurtures all the skill sets that are required to thrive in the 21st century. Even the nursery school of GIIS featuring the Global Montessori Plus program is undoubtedly the best in the nation. 

What Kind of Life Does a Student of the Global Indian International School Enjoy?

This school does not only focus on children's academic development but also makes sure that they enjoy the process while learning. It is a thriving community where there are instructors, administrators, parents, along with the children and together they aid in the nurturing of the next generation of citizens who will have a global outlook.

The GIIS Approach - An Unique and Hitherto Unknown one

The approach of the Global Indian International School towards education is unique and hitherto unknown in Bangalore.

The students of this school are gifted with an approach that is absolutely unique and out of the box in comparison to other schools which have a set of stifled education curriculum for their students. Even though right from the GIIS nursery school, the foundation of the school's courses are rigorous, that aims for a student's academic excellence, the instructors here are trained in such a way that they offer each student with a different sort of educational experience which not only encourages them for academic growth but also ensures that they grow personally. In this curriculum, it is ensured that the wellbeing of the student is given top priority, beyond everything else. GIIS strives considerably so that they can provide every student a personalized educational process that will ensure that the best of the talents and innate abilities come out from these individual learners.

The Distinctive Belief System of This Bengaluru School

The belief system of this Bengaluru school is such that they believe children could only benefit by coming into school, both academically as well as personally, only when they get involved in other activities apart from studies like extracurricular as well as co-curricular activities. These activities have various plus points because they not only explore what a student is interested in and develop their passion for something beyond the barriers of academics but also teach them concepts like the importance of physical fitness and creativity.

The Global Indian International School boasts a wide variety of extracurricular as well as co-curricular activities which are one of the main highlights of this international school. These ECAs and CCAs are specifically modeled so that they can catch the attention of students hailing from different types of backgrounds and having a large variety of interests. Apart from general sports activities, they also have facilities for the students to learn swimming, clay making, tae-kwon-do as well as needlework.Back

The Thriving Cultural Calendar of GIIS

The cultural calendar of the school is thriving because every year all the teachers, as well as the administrators, carefully plan multiple events and activities which keep their students engaged. These events not only help them take out their hidden talents of music, dancing, painting, elocution, public speaking but it also teaches a child how to be engaged with the larger community of GIIS. Through these regular events, each child learns things like management skills, team spirit, sportsmanship spirit, perform under pressure, overcome their stage fright, understand the value of being a group performer, balance education with other activities, and many such other things which a student will never be able to learn in a class.

All these yearly activities, as well as events, provide  GIIS students a platform where they will be able to interact with their parents and other educators while enjoying themselves. This process of amalgamating education with fun helps this school to fulfill its mission of creating future global leaders.