When Should Drivers Switch To Snow Tyres?

Experts agree that people should fit winter tyres once the environmental temperature falls below seven degrees Celsius. But, likewise, you will need to remove them when the temperature increases above this mark.

Given that in some places, the winter season is unpredictable - stretching from frigid and cold to mild and dry- it is prudent to keep your set of winter tyres Redditch at hand so you can easily mount and switch them when required.

Are snow tyres mandatory?

In some countries around the world, snow tyres are mandatory throughout the winter season. But if you want to travel overseas, you need to make sure to review all the rules beforehand.

What air pressure should snow tyres have?

Snow tyres air pressures need to be precisely the same amount as summer and all-season tyres. Nevertheless, it is crucial to set the air pressures in certain ambient conditions.

As temperatures start falling, the air pressure on your tyres will also drop. So even when you set them indoors in a warm room, they will fall by around ten percent once you take your car outside in cold climates.

Can winter tyres be put only on the front?

In the United Kingdom, this is not illegal, but mixing summer and winter tyres can be risky and hence not recommended.

Where is the best spot to purchase winter tyres?

We recommend constantly checking for sales and deals over the internet, but you can consult your vehicle manufacturer beforehand to get some recommended sizes.

Do you need snow tyres on front-wheel-drive vehicles?

Yes, because even though the upgrades are not as good as with rear-wheel-drive vehicles, they are incredibly significant, especially in cornering and braking performance.

Do snow tyres work better in heavy rain?

Yes. They can significantly improve braking, traction, overall grip, and cornering at a temperature below seven degrees – even on dry roads.

Can I carry snow chains as an alternative?

Snow chains can be helpful but only in heavy snowstorms. Winter tyres, on the other hand, are helpful in most types of weather conditions.

Are there drawbacks in mounting snow tyres?

Yes, but while there are a few drawbacks to snow tyres, they certainly cannot outweigh the numerous advantages.

In addition to the added cost, snow tyres could cause the speedo to over-read, upsetting your gas range indicator. In dry and mild climates, winter tyres offer less grip and steering precision compared to summer cheap tyres Coventry.

Winter Driving Suggestions

As the winter season begins, you need to be prepared for this long freezing season. This comprehensive guide will help you prepare your vehicle and yourself during the winter season.

1. The essentials

First of all, you need to be sure you do all the regular inspections before the winter season sets in. you have to check your vehicle's oil level, air pressure, lights, and coolant levels. If your car has not been serviced, it may be worth getting checked before the winter begins. This will help guarantee that everything is under control before the heat falls.

This is also an excellent time to repair electrical or mechanical faults as they can make your vehicle fail or break down. You should test and check all your vehicle's systems if you want to avoid any accident.

2. Check your car’s antifreeze

When your vehicle's air conditioning system does not have the proper levels of antifreeze, you will experience a severe failure. Luckily, you can get your antifreeze at your local repair shop. You can also check your user’s handbook to verify the proper levels and what type of antifreeze your car needs.

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