The Significance of Daily Physical Activity for Children

Some schools make physical education lessons a part of the syllabus for children. It is because physical activity is indispensable to the healthy growth and development of a child. Kids who attain healthy lifestyle patterns in the initial points of their lives benefit a lot later on. Physical activity boosts not only the physical but also the mental and emotional development of children.

Fortunately, many schools have recognised the importance of making it a part of the student's life. Programmes like the Daily Mile that encourage children to jog or run for 15 minutes every day at the school have been embraced by parents, teachers, and students alike. Such a program not just focuses on fitness alone but also has a wider aim of enhancing children's social, emotional, and mental health. Here are the numerous benefits that your child can achieve by indulging in a physical activity like jogging that takes only 15 minutes of their time.

Physical growth

Like food, exercise is also a basic need for proper physical growth. It enables children to build stronger muscles and healthy bone mass. Daily exercise in any form goes a long way in minimising the risk of developing illnesses related to the bone, like osteoporosis, at a later stage in life.

Motor skills development

Children need to develop their motor skills to optimally execute basic movements required in everyday life. Development of motor skills means that the child will execute fundamental activities like eating food, tying shoelaces, and writing quickly.

Good posture

Slouching is a common sight. Many children sit or stand in a slouched manner which means that they lack core and spine strength. Bad posture can leave a child's spine prone to deformation and make them experience body aches and pains. If a child attends a programme like Daily Mile, they will get sufficient exercise that will enhance their posture. Moreover, your child will be able to walk longer distances without feeling exhausted.

Healthy weight

Today, a large number of children are suffering from obesity. Excess body fat can prove harmful and make a person prone to chronic health conditions. Most parents do not encourage their child to engage in physical activity and give them the freedom to eat junk food regularly. Daily physical exertion along with a healthy diet will keep your child protected from becoming overweight.

Improved cognition

Apart from the physical benefits, exercise also enhances the brain development of children. When a child engages in exercise, it triggers the nerve cells in the brain's prefrontal cortex and hippocampus to multiply. The nerve cells create new connections. Its consequence is enhanced concentration and sharp memory. Both these qualities help children to attain a better academic result.

Better self-esteem

Physical activity enhances the mental health of children by boosting their mood. It also results in high self-esteem. When children compete with each other in running or jogging, they feel happy and become confident about their abilities. It contributes to a healthy self-image in them. They can interact with others and make new friends. Thus, physical activity also promotes the social development of a child. Team sports improve communication skills as children learn how to comprehend non-verbal cues.

How Parents Can Raise Healthy Children

Parents can contribute a lot to making their kids fit and healthy for life. Contrary to what many may think, it is not difficult to encourage a child to participate in regular physical activity. Some of the ways by which it can be done are:

  • · Create a schedule for a child where physical activity acquires a place.
  • · Make physical activity a part of the daily routine.
  • · Motivate the child to engage in age-appropriate activities. For example, asking them to use stairs instead of the lift.
  • · Let the physical activities be fun. It will make the kid come back to it for more and exercise an essential part of their everyday life.

Thus, the physical, mental, and emotional benefits that accrue from daily exercise can positively affect children's long-term health. It's never too soon to start encouraging children to engage in physical activities.


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