How to Style Your Sofa with a Green Velvet Pillow

The living room is an important part of your home, and it should look elegant. One can easily provide a designer appearance to your home by placing the green velvet pillow on the sofas. To do in the best possible way, here are some guidelines that will transform the look of your space.

Quantity of Pillows

If you really want to give a great and attractive look to your living room, you must choose a large number of pillows. You can easily beautify a bigger size sofa by placing a number of beautiful pillows. The quantity of pillows totally depends on the sofa size. Apart from choosing the smaller pillows, choose the odd number of big pillows.

These pillows come in many different fabrics; you can select the right one as per your choice. You can also synchronize the different fabrics to beautify your home. Opt for the asymmetrical grouping of cushions to provide a balanced aesthetic to your living space.

Various Patterns and Colors

You can mix the different prints and colors to give a gorgeous appearance to your living room. The mixing of different throw pillows is not rocket science. The selection of these beautiful pillows is an easy task and does not consume much time.

There is no rule that you need to follow for selecting the throw pillow for your home. The essential thing is that the combination of the pillows must look good with the existing interior decoration of your home.

Amazing Texture

Choose the different and attractive textures pillow to add more beauty to your sofa. Various types of textures are there, which include velvet, fur, leather, linen, and many others. Choose the best texture for your luxury pillow according to the existing furniture of your home.

For example, a linen throw pillow looks perfect with a leather sofa. Similarly, a cotton throw pillow looks amazing on the mohair sofa.

Use your imagination and select the best texture that looks perfect with the existing home decoration of your space.

Interesting Shapes

Pillow is available in many different designs and shapes in the burke décor online store. You should choose the different shapes, as it offers an interesting look to your living space. Oblong is among the most commonly used shape that comes in almost 18 inches in size.

They are available in many different shapes, such as circular, rectangular or square throw pillows. You can also use the triangular or cylindrical one to give an exceptional look to your living space.

When you are thinking about buying the throw pillow, you need to keep their usage in your mind. For example, square pillows are a perfect choice for a puffy and cozy couch; round pillows look great with a square-shaped couch, bolster pillows look perfect on the leather sofas . one can also use the mix of circular, bolster or square to give an interesting look to your home.

You can buy a high-quality green velvet pillow from the burke décor online store at an attractive price. Their products are made of high-quality material, and you should give it a try.

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