Why do People Prefer to Have Motorized Shades and Blinds?

very homeowner likes to upgrade their home décor from time to time and upgrading window treatments is often one of the most important steps. Motorized shades are one of the latest innovations commonly used for upgrading a home. Hesitating to have motorization for your window treatments? Have a look at some of the benefits of having automated window treatments.


  • A reliable window covering

Improvement in shade technology and motors make automated window treatments more reliable. Motorized blinds can be used 7 times more than other shadings and also last around 50% longer. These shades are convenient, attractive and have greater battery endurance. Development in motors enables you to have quiet window coverings. One can rest with ease and in a calm environment because modern motors move the blinds without much hassle or sound. Motorized shades available today are so advanced that they can even open or close to the sound of an alarm.

  • Ensures child safety

With automated blinds, you can have cordless window coverings that are safe and also beautiful. If there are pets or children at home, they eliminate the threat of tangling in the cords of window dressings. The motorized cordless lift offers the ultimate safety for children.

  • Increased privacy at any place

Motorized pleated shades are a simple but beautiful solution for hard-to-reach windows, tall windows and skylights. Whenever you want privacy from the outside, you just press a button and the window blinds will close, making you feel at ease.

  • Energy efficiency

Shades with “ALEXA” and Wi-Fi thermostats are more energy efficient. These shades automatically open during sunny winter days and close during hot summer days, hence, regulating room temperature. When the inside remains insulated, you save big on energy bills.

  • Protection from UV rays

Automated window treatments also protect the interior and furniture from the glaring heat of the sun and UV rays. There are shades available with solar sensors which can be programmed to close when there is scorching heat and light outside, thereby, giving protection from the harmful rays and making a home energy efficient. Moreover, the gentle effortless movement of motorized blinds prevents faster damage of window treatments.

  • Enjoy versatility

There are diverse styles of shades and draperies with motors. The advanced automation system also enables you to control all the window dressings at the same time by just pressing a button.

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