How To Build A Thriving Black Business Using The Laws Of The Universe

Grab the opportunity while you can and win $10,000.00 by pitching your black owned business ideas at Marye Dean Esq.'s book launch of BlackWallStreet Dotcom.

When you learn to run your black owned business as we teach it, and empower your prospects to hire you to serve them, and pay you well to do it.

One can never be replaced by technology, and can stop competing on fees, once and for all.

Yes, these are big promises, but they are the results we've seen from the entrepreneurs who commit to learning the process that we teach here at and we are 100% here to support you to learn and apply our teachings in your black owned business.

I have tested and tried countless ways to educate our communities and inspire our people to build Solid black owned businesses so they can do the right thing for the people they serve.

And, you've now got the absolute BEST system for doing so. 

We are coming to a city near you!

Black Wall Street Dotcom by Marye Dean Esq., available on Amazon to purchase from May 31, 2021.

Come and join us for an evening for  empowering your business at the book launch of BlackWallStreet Dotcom.


Happening in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 1, 2021 at The Mayo Hotel. 


Together we can help you have your business thriving!

We are also coming to :

New York, New York

Houston, Texas

Atlanta, GA 
(Locations to be revealed a week prior to the event)


So get ready, we are coming!

Here's your chance to win  a $10,000.00 grand prize to a black owned business. 


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