All you need to know about QuickBooks Error 6069

The QuickBooks errors are inevitable and usually get triggered while opening QuickBooks or company files. If you understand the cause of the error, you will be able to fix it easily. For example, QuickBooks Error 6069 is a multi-user error that can get triggered due to many reasons. The most common of all reasons is outdated QuickBooks software. You need to make sure you update QuickBooks regularly to prevent unnecessary errors. Other causes and solutions are given below in this article. Read the complete article to understand the cause so you can implement the solution accordingly.

If you need help with troubleshooting, dial
(844)-932-1139 and get in touch with a QuickBooks Professional.

What Triggers QuickBooks Desktop Error 6069? 

The causes of the trigger can be common between many errors. The most common causes of the error are given below:

  1. 1. Bad sectors of the hard drive.
  2. 2. Issues with the Firewall.
  3. 3. Faulty installation.
  4. 4. File replaced with the same name file.


Once you understand the cause of the error, it will be easy to find the appropriate solution. Go through the solutions below to find the best solution based on your situation.

Troubleshooting Methods to Error 6069 in QuickBooks

If you don’t know the cause of the error, you can use the hit and trial method to implement the solution. The solutions to the error are listed below:

1. Bad Sectors of Hard Drive

The error can get triggered due to the bad sectors of the hard drive. You need to repair the bad sectors of the hard drive to resolve the error. The steps to repair the damaged hard drive are listed below:

  1. 1. Right-click the Windows Start menu.
  2. 2. Select Disk Management and then click the Properties tab.
  3. 3. Open the Tools tab, and select check.
  4. 4. Then select Scan and repair drive.
  5. 5. Wait for the scan to complete and then again click the scan and repair drive.

2. Configure the Firewall

If you have recently updated your QuickBooks, it might be possible that firewall sees QuickBooks as a threat and is preventing connection with the server. You need to allow QuickBooks through the firewall to fix the error. Follow the instructions provided below to allow QuickBooks through firewall:

  1. 1. Select the firewall section in AVG.
  2. 2. Go to settings and click Applications.
  3. 3. Search QuickBooks from the list of programs.
  4. 4. Click Browse if you can’t find QuickBooks in the list of programs.
  5. 5. Change the application status of QuickBooks to Allow.
  6. 6. Then click Create and select OK two times consecutively.
  7. 7. After that, select Yes to apply the changes you just made.
  8. 8. Finally, check if the error is resolved.


The information provided above in this article explains the causes and the solutions to QuickBooks Error 6069. The solutions discussed above include repairing the bad sectors of the hard drive and configuring the Firewall. You can check the file extension to make sure it’s not the cause of the error. The error can sometimes get triggered due to AVG anti-virus as well. You need to create an exception for QuickBooks in Anti-virus. If you are still stuck with the error, dial (844)-932-1139 and get help from a QuickBooks Professional.

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