You can obtain CDSCO registration for India IF you’re eligible for it

Everyone in India loves cosmetics that come from foreign land. Capitalizing on that desire, there is an increase in CDSCO registration in the country. Everyone from starting entrepreneurs to the veteran business owners are interested in this license. However, what many of them understand is that Central Drug Standard Control Organization has established eligibility criteria for it.

However, we don’t blame them.

The eligibility criteria is not something that’s directly written in any notification about CDSCO Cosmetic registration. Our experts had to extract it by reading between the lines of notifications. Thus, through this article, you’ll know about the unspoken rules that CDSCO aspects you to adhere to before you can apply for the license to import cosmetics.

You should already have an IE code before you can apply for the license

When it comes to importing or exporting India, the IE code is the basic registration to have. Having an IEC code or an Import Export Code assures the CDSCO that you’ve an established importing business.

Obtaining Import Export Code is a simple matter of filing an online application to the DGFT. The Directorate General of Foreign Trade issues the license number upon seeing the following documents:

  1. Incorporation Certificate of your business entity
  2. Details of all the promoters, directors, partners  or shareholders.
  3. MOA and AOA of your company.
  4. Board resolution stating the company’s requirement of IEC code.

CDSCO online registration can only happen if you already have an IEC code at your side. The process of obtaining the code is almost instant. However, if the system is down or there are some discrepancies, you’re going to get this registration in two days maximum.

The product should be allowed to be sold in the country of its origin

There are products that banned in India, but are allowed in other countries. Likewise, there are products prohibited in other countries but have the freedom to be sold and used in India. You won’t be allowed to have the license in the former or the latter case. The only way CDSCO product registration can be issued to you for a cosmetic product, is that if that product is allowed to be sold in the country it’s produced in.

In order to prove that the cosmetic product’s sale is in fact allowed in its country of origin, you’ll have to present proof in the form of free sale certificate.

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You need to get the aid of an Authorized Indian Representative

CDSCO import registration is the concern for both the manufacturer and the importer of cosmetics. The manufacturer, who is the exporter, need someone to represent his requirements. The importer, on the other hand, needs legal assistance to deal with these matters. Both of these needs are met by an Authorized Indian representative.

Authorized Indian Representative can’t be just anyone. In addition to the requirement for an AIR to be an Indian citizen, he or she should be an expert in the CDSCO matters. As an AIR, one is responsible for everything from filing the application to conducting a follow up. You can reach out to CDSCO registration consultants to act as an AIR on your behalf.

The cosmetic products shouldn’t have any toxic chemicals

The term “exotic” in terms of cosmetic products refers to the usage of exotic ingredients. They can be anywhere from exotic plants to exotic animals. However, in case any of these exclusive materials contain toxic chemicals, you’ll not be able to obtain CDSCO registration certificate for them.

The Central Drug Standard Control Organization wants the products that come to India to be suitable for everyone. That won’t be the case when the organization deems certain chemicals to be toxic.

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Thus, only apply for the license after you’ve verified that there are no toxic chemicals present in them. We say this because the CDSCO registration process involves you submitting an undertaking. It would state that chemicals aren’t present in the products you’re trying to import.


CDSCO registration’s availability has opened a lots of venues for the importers in India. However, to obtain the license, you have to ensure the following:

  1. Product’s safety for consumer’s sake.
  2. Availability of an Authorized Indian Representative,
  3. Permission for the product to be sold in its home country, and
  4. Access to Import Export Code

Want to become eligible for the certificate quickly? Come to our consultants. We are not just going to be your AIR, but will be your guiding hand – standing beside you as you apply for the license.


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