Why You Should Have An Instagram Feed On The Shopify Store

Social media has emerged to become one of the most active content generation platforms for its users. With such a massive user base, people highly leverage this platform to share and voice out their opinions around various topics.

The inception of visuals platforms like Instagram has taken the total user base to a whole new level. With over 1 billion users, Instagram is a highly used platform for users to take inspiration and has become a breeding ground for marketers to target their potential customers. 

The recent trend of adding Instagram feed on Shopify websites has been doing the rounds and has become a much sought-after trend due to its amazing benefits. 

Amongst all the websites, Shopify has also become a trending e-Commerce platform for brands as it assists them to seamlessly sell their products while customizing the store as per their requirements. 

Continue reading the blog as you will get to know about the main reasons as to why you should include an Instagram feed on your Shopify store. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

  • Build A Social Proof Of Your Brand 

Your potential customers may not be confident enough to make a brand switch by trying out products from a different brand. 

By displaying an Instagram feed, you provide them with proof that your existing customers are happy with your brand and its products. 

Customers come with the mindset that the brands only have an agenda to sell their products. Adding Instagram feed on Shopify gives them an assurance that the products are worth trying! 

  • Display User-Generated Content 

As mentioned before, since Instagram is widely used by users to voice their opinions about their experiences with various brands and their products, displaying such content on Shopify can prove to be highly beneficial for your brand’s success. 

The content created by the users is referred to as User-Generated Content and it is genuine, authentic, and trustworthy because it is unscripted and created by your loyal customers who vouch for your brand. 

Here’s a fun fact - More than 85% of your potential customers go through User-Generated Content before finalizing the purchase. This is because they trust UGC much more than the promotional content published by your brand. 

By reading reviews, testimonials, or surfing through posts, they get a sense of confidence about your brand and complete purchasing them with an open mind. 


  • Improve The Presence Of Your Website 

As mentioned at the beginning, Instagram, being a photo-sharing platform, has quite an appealing and vibrant presence. 

When you add your Instagram feed to Shopify, you further enhance the look and feel of your store and tremendously improvise its presence. 

Just like people tend to stay on an aesthetically designed website for a longer duration, embedding Instagram feeds would also garner more attention from your potential customers and they would be compelled to stay on your website for longer. 

This would lead to an increase in the dwell time of your customers and a reduction in the bounce rate of your website. 


  • Increase The Engagement Of Your Visitors 

While we agree that your website should be user-friendly, responsive, and must have a smooth user interface, having only texts to engage your website visitors can be too boring or monotonous. 

Visuals are up to 10 times more engaging and effectively send across the message as compared to their text counterparts. 

Being a visually dominated platform, adding an Instagram feed on Shopify can seamlessly take the engagement of your website visitors to another level. 

The engagement of the website visitors pretty much reveals their interest in your brand and products. This aspect is extremely crucial and can be attained through adding an Instagram feed on Shopify. 

  • Better Brand User Relationship

Displaying Instagram content on Shopify can help brands gain the trust of their potential customers. Trust is the basis of every relationship including the relationship between brands and their users. 

When you add an Instagram feed on Shopify, you urge your followers to see you in a different light. They instantly feel connected to your brand and feel the need to purchase your products. 

Maintaining a good relationship with your customers is crucial as it helps you widen your brand’s reach as your customers would be vocal about your brand at various points and platforms. 

Closing Statement 

Instagram has evolved to become a major marketing touchpoint for brands and businesses due to its lively presence and massive user base. 

If you are a brand and have not yet leveraged the power of this platform by embedding Instagram feeds on Shopify, then you are missing out on golden opportunities to take your brand to the next level. 

Since now, you are well familiar with the reasons why you should include your Instagram feed on Shopify, what are you waiting for? 

Get going and you will surely take your brand to new heights and towards success! 



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