Why should you obtain WPC Certificate in India?

WPC certificate is an essential license to import wireless products in India. Governed under the Department of Telecommunication and issued by the Wireless Planning Commission, the process of obtaining it is quite difficult. So difficult in fact that people often wonder should I even apply for it?

Well, this blog is going to give all the reasons for why you should obtain WPC ETA certificate in India.

WPC Certificate is mandatory

Let’s get one thing out of the way, for the products on which the WPC certificate is applicable, there is no option other than obtaining the certification. If you’re an imported that wants to import a wireless product which operated under delicensed bands or licensed bands, getting the certification is not a matter of option.

You’d need to obtain it on a mandatory basis.

WPC certificate helps you determine the quality of the product

WPC NOC certificate is issued if the product you’re using either:

  • Works within delicensed bands, or
  • Work at frequencies that won’t interfere with other products.

Think about it. If you’re to import a Bluetooth, would you like if your customers complaint that they can’t use it because it keeps connecting and disconnecting? The process of obtaining ETA certificate in India involves the process of testing the product by analysing its radio frequency. Simply put, in the name of testing, you’re getting a reassurance that your product actually works.

WPC Certificate helps you foster customer’s trust

It’s always better if your customers put their trust in your products. As an importer, you know that it’s only foreign goods on which your customers rely. Thus, the only way to retain those customers is to give them what they need and ensure that the quality is up to the mark.

Without the right quality, it doesn’t matter what kind of product you’re trying to sell, your customers won’t trust you. To put it in simple terms, getting ETA license attests to the fact that your product has been scrutinized by a government body before it reaches the customers.

WPC Certificate ensures that the product is not a threat to national security

When we think about wireless, our first thought is not controlling things without touching them, it’s how this power can be used to harm the nation. Wireless is the core technology used in several weapons of destructions that can compromise the security of the nation. If the product you’re using is found to be working at a “hidden” frequency capable of doing the same, you know that you have to get rid of your product.

WPC Certification process is quite easy

One of the pain points of our clients regarding any business certification is whether the process is easy. Truth be told, most of the certification processes are pretty straight forward. It’s the documentation, the application filing, the department follow-up and other nuanced matters that make the process long, cumbersome and in some instances, difficult.

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That being said, you’d be happy to know that as WPC ETA consultants take the control of the process of ETA certification from you, you won’t need to worry about anything. Whatever the nuance of this task may pe, you’ll be satisfied.


The process of getting wireless import certification hinges on several aspects including creating a WPC ETA login and understanding of the WPC certificate format. Despite these complexities, if your product falls under the WPC jurisdiction, you have to get the certificate on the mandatory basis. It’s helpful in creating a trusting relationship with your customers. And the best part is, if you have the consultation of Registrationwala, you don’t have to go through the process on your own.


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