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Why should I establish a free zone company in Dubai?

The free zones in Dubai are also known as the free trade zones and are designed to help international businesses thrive and develop by offering them full ownership to both single-window administration convenience and expatriates. The free zones are seen to be the most fertile ground where founders and entrepreneurs can establish their businesses. The free zones are usually aided with cutting-edge infrastructure, flexible government policies, top-notch business amenities, duty, and tax exemptions topped with unrivalled facilities.

The reasons to opt for free zone company formation are many. Some of them are:

Top Reasons to Launch Your Business in Dubai’s Free Zone Region

You Get Access to 100% Foreign Ownership

One of the important pros of choosing business setup Dubai is that you can gain 100% foreign ownership. This implies that if you are planning to invest in a free zone then you need not have to hunt for any UAE national sponsor who will finance your free zone company formation. Regardless of your nationality, you can always have full foreign ownership.

There Aren't Any Restrictions Imposed on Currency

The Government-imposed restrictions put on foreign currency transaction is what we term as currency regulation. But in Dubai’s free zone there isn’t any regulation from the government, hence resulting in easier financial transactions.

Your Company Gets Total Repatriation of Both Profits and Capital

The company or business you launch in Dubai’s free zone is eligible for total repatriation advantages. And this encompasses financial and profit assets.

You Can Recruit Labour Easily

The free zone businesses can recruit labour and undertake all the relevant formalities conveniently and inexpensively. The companies can also recruit foreign nationals as well.

Forming or Establishing a Company in Dubai Doesn’t Involve Hassle and is Generally Quick

The free zone company formation procedures are all clear and simple. The process of obtaining the license is also done within a few days, unlike other jurisdictions.

The Immigration Process is Easy and Non-Complex

The immigration facilities associated with Dubai free zones are not only efficient but also save you invaluable time.

Get All the Government Incentives for Your Company

The free trade zones are particular areas that offer regulatory, tariff, and tax incentives so export-related companies are attracted. These incentives are usually suitable for either raw materials or products that are made for export, if the local markets sell them, the normal tariffs will be applicable. The kinds of incentives that are given are greatly based on the free zone of the country. However, the companies that launch their business in a free zone area can reap benefits like:

  • Exemption from custom duties
  • Exemption from VAT
  • Exemption from both import tax and export tax
  • Minimisation from corporate tax
  • Total foreign ownership
  • The surge in the limit of international employees

The Location and Accessibility Related to Free Zone Also Plays a Key Role

The free zones in Dubai also offer the perks of being situated either next to the highways, airports, or even ports. This proves beneficial for on-time exports. Certain free zone areas in Dubai also boast of having a dedicated toll road that connects the free zone to the port.

Free Zone Areas Take Pride in Offering the Best and Cost-Friendly Infrastructure

Dubai free zones offer infrastructure that apart from being aesthetically appealing are also cheap. Several free zones dole out opulent office spaces that are tailor-made for their investors. The free zone areas offer amazing spaces for goods storage followed by secured vaults for invaluable commodities.

Free Zones Help You to Do Better Business

It is the fundamental premise of Dubai’s free zone which makes it one of the easiest for every business to operate from there. Launch a business in UAE’s free zone and obtaining a license might sound too much, but in reality, it is not. The free zone parts of Dubai ensure simplified processes and everything designed in a free zone area is solely to attract foreign investors and help them establish their business seamlessly. The entrepreneurs besides enjoying full revenue repatriation followed by profits also enjoy complete funds transfer.

You Get Professional and Quick Assistance on Setting up Your Business

Any individual or company who wishes for free zone company formation can scale to success easily. When compared to other jurisdictions, the company formation in mainland Dubai isn’t only easier but non-complex as well. The documentation involved in workforce recruitment is cheaper and faster than the onshore options.

 A lot of free zones also offer their support and assistance for ancillary services like immigration, labour, medical and legal processes. The options you get to scour in free zone areas in regards to budget, tenure, style, and space are limitless.

You Get Visa Benefits in Dubai’s Free Zone

Once your business is up and running and you have your visa as an entrepreneur, then the process of obtaining a residence visa for your family becomes easier and simpler. To become a sponsor, you would have to be a present occupant in the UAE. Apart from this, your earning should also the minimum salary that every emirate needs.

Thanks to the large spike in the number of people preferring business setup Dubai, their impact on the economy of UAE has firmed as well. The free zone in Dubai encompasses more than 150,000 companies. If you are thinking of launching your own business then establishing your business in Dubai’s free zone is the best choice that you can make as an entrepreneur.


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