Why Does Your Store Need Social Distancing Floor Decals?

Why Does Your Store Need Social Distancing Floor Decals?


The pandemic has hit us all in different ways. One thing in common is that we all need to practice social distancing. This virus, like all others, spreads with people interacting closely. Keep the required distance between them and you will control it efficiently. This social distancing recommended gap is 6 feet. Usually, 3-4 feet is what is practiced in public places and stores. Social distancing floor decals are surely helpful in stores.

In fact, every store whether it is a retail store, a display center, or a shop floor of any kind, needs these floor decals. Even if your store lists mannequins for sale, you will still need social distancing signage including floor decals. These decals help guide people where to stand while still practicing social distancing. Not only the point of sales area should get social distancing floor decals, but around the aisles too.

Need to Keep People in Line

So why do you need these floor decals at all? well, you need them to make people stay in the right lines. These floor decals need to be clear enough and attention-grabbing to get noticed. You also need to keep them clean from all that shoe dirt at all times. As easily readable they are, the more effective they will be.

Having standing signs in aisles and around the POS areas, you can guide people to stay the required distance apart. Social distancing floor decals are available at good prices and in the required styles. Sellers also allow store managers to customize their floor decals just the way required.

No Amount of Signage Is Enough

We all had social habits. People are used to getting close and having conversations with each other while in retail stores. These old habits do not go away easily. You can also not change or alter them quickly as well. Social distancing floor decals and signs might help develop the right habits.

Actually, no number of decals and signage is ever enough. Someone will ignore almost every one of them. For this reason, you need to have as many of these as possible. Reflective colors are always more attractive and attention-grabbing. Get the right ones for maximum attention.

People Need Directions to Implement Social Distancing

Of course, you can always ask people to practice social distancing. The problem is, more than half the time, they will just forget about it. You need constant reminders that will make them practice it. These types of floor decals might just help do that. They will remind people of every step.

When you make sure to have social distancing floor decals at every 3-6 feet, people will not miss them. Just any kind of reminder might be enough to make them stand apart. Use these decals in presence with some standing or hanging signage as well. Anything that helps grab the attention.

We All Need to Work Together to Beat This Pandemic

This pandemic has taken everyone by surprise. It is here to change us all one way or the other. Store owners cannot expect customers to be self-aware all the time. Customers should not expect store owners to be solely responsible for all the information sharing as well.

Basically, we all need to work together as one if we are to beat this pandemic. It will eventually leave us but only on the account that we all work as one. Store owners need to play their part and customers need to stay vigilant as well. These social distancing floor decals can be the first step towards it.

Waves of This Pandemic Don’t Seem to Just Stop

This pandemic seems to be coming at us in waves. The first few waves were lethal and we all were taking the precautionary steps. Now that it has become part of life, we all seem to become too casual about it. This is where these new waves are hurting the most. The virus seems to spread more.

Also, there are many different variations of this virus that seem to arise one after the other. Currently, the Indian variant also dubbed as the “Delta Virus” is wreaking havoc. Before this, the Brazilian and South African variants were feared. These waves just don’t need to stop and so can’t we be being ready for it.

Final Thoughts

It is always the right thing to do to be prepared for the pandemic. For retail stores of all kinds, we need to get social distancing signage. These should include very carefully laid out social distancing floor decals. These decals and floor stickers help put customer’s attention right where it needs to be.

All kinds of retail stores need to have floor decals and other forms of signage in place. People need constant reminders on social distancing. Whatever you can do to remind them of it, will help keep the pandemic at bay. We need to work together and get this over and done quickly.