Why Aircraft Financing is a Great Business Venture

Do you have to constantly and consistently travel for work? Do you go where your job takes you? Don’t you think it would be better to invest in an aircraft rather than regularly booking flights? Well, yes, it is intimidating to think about putting up a heavy investment in one sitting, but the perks outweigh any reservations you may have. We assembled some of the reasons why airplane financing is a significant business venture in contemporary times.

Saving time

By investing in private planes, you will no longer have to wait in long, endless lines. At airlines, you can avoid the usual lazy booking process, screaming kids, protocols, international customs, unsafe baggage, and prolonged queues by opting for your plane. These factors would still make one-time travelers think twice. For frequent travelers, it can be a nightmare. Airplane financing is made easy by many companies, such as Air Fleet Capital. Save time to invest it in work of more considerable value than ceaselessly waiting.  

Adding Luxury

Luxury does not have to be defined by an immense amount of money, but rather it is the luxury of time and money. We should reward ourselves for facilitating ourselves when we can. Buying an airplane can be daunting but loaning one is made accessible and possible. By not waiting in lines, you save time, money, and other resources which can be put to better use.

Post-Covid Aircraft Financing

Covid-19 brought forth many challenges for travel. People had no choice but to opt for private trips when airlines had been shut down. This pandemic created a market for personal travel through airplane financing services. Those with private aircraft used and offered domestic travel with safety, luxury, and comfort. These needs and demands have a recurring effect on the airline industry but not personal flights. You can be safe and travel with close friends when you have a jet.

Aircraft Value

Aircraft hold value much like property does. If you invest in an airplane, you can generate money from it and sell it if needed. Even though aircraft have to be maintained to hold value but that is a manageable factor. If you are ever in need of money, aircraft become significant assets. Shifting economics affect commercial airlines instead of recreational flights, which is why your airplane will maintain its value. Some private planes have even increased in value because of their demand. A perfect example would be Cessna 180 who’s price grew from $17,9500 in 1968 to $150,000 in 2017. .

Revenue generation

There are multiple ways to earn when you have acquired a recreational aircraft. The aircraft itself has a market value. You can create more opportunities. By associating with another business for aerial advertisement, revenue is generated without the wear and tear of the plane. The capital acquired through such ventures can reduce your costs for maintenance and help you pay back your aircraft financing companies.

There are other ways to create revenue without associating with other businesses. These include:

  • Plane Tours

Many private plane owners generate money by opening plane tour services for sightseeing and aerial views. They charge a significant sum for a 15 minute to 20-minute flight. This endeavor helps capital generation through tourists and locals from the middle class and onwards.

  • Charter

You can rent your aircraft to sports teams as a charter. The maintenance cost will remain the same, but you can add it to the rent price.  



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