What To Wear Over A Dress In Summer

The summer temperature has hit its best, and it begins to get warmer and longer days. You want to flaunt your favorite summer dresses, but sometimes the weather isn't as ready as yours to experience that scorching heat of the season. Here, when layering of magic comes in!  

Layering is an ideal and stylish option to lift up your look. It only takes one extra layer to completely transform the look. From tie-front tees, light jackets to structured blazers, here we have a list of layering clothes from women's online clothing stores that you can wear over a dress. 


Layering Ideas to wear over a dress


Stay covered in cute sweaters.

There are many different types and styles of sweaters that you can wear all year long. Fortunately, there are pieces available that you can wear over dresses too. If you want to rock a sweater look in the summer season, you need to choose colors and materials wisely. 



A chunky and elegant black sweater would be a wonderful choice to stay warm on a chilly winter night. But it's not probably going to be the most comfortable option for you to wear when the temperature is warmer. Instead, opt for styles from Dakota boutique that are made from lighter materials, brighter colors, and loose knits that can be your summertime layering.  



  • A beige cardigan is a versatile and classic style to take on and off when the weather is erratic, and you can look stylish as well. 

  • Loose knit sweaters can provide you a bit of sheer coverage that is perfect for summer. Go for a pastel color that gives you a cheerful vibe. 

  • Sweaters, too, can be sleeveless! A cropped tank offers you a little bit of hippie edge and lifts up your simple outfit.


Put together a look with the tie-front top.

A popular summer style is a tie front top. It is a major trend that shows no sign of slowing down soon! The cropped style looks flirty when you style it with skirts or jeans. It is fun to experiment with such things, and it is also a great layering piece that gives a new life to your old boring summer dress. 

  • If your dress is having a slimmer fit, it can be your base layer, and add a tie-front t-shirt on top. Finish off the look with chunky white sneakers for a casual vibe from an online women's clothing store. 

  • Color blocking trend is ruling; get inspired by layering an ultrabright tie front top over any neon dress for a bold style. It can make you ready for a big party night out in the town. 


Be edgy with a jean jacket.



In summer, dresses are the fashion essentials to kick off the season. They are lovely for many different occasions. However, if you want to add some edginess to this outfit, you can get a bomber or jean jacket that works as perfect top wear. Summer-inspired accessories help you to keep the contrast and make things look fresh and bright for the season. 



  • Style this combo on a weekend brunch with chunky white sneakers, a ponytail, and sparkly stud earrings. 

  • Strappy sandals and a crossbody bag with a bomber jacket can make you dress up. 

  • For an extra summery vibe and to try out something new from boutique stores online, swap out a classic denim jacket with a white jean jacket. 

  • Black booties and bare legs call for cool breezy summer nights. 


Put on a structured blazer and get work-ready 



Sometimes a flowy summer dress can be a little bit bare for the workplace. You can still keep it look cool by layering your underneath with a women's blazer. It makes an outfit look put together that is equally appropriate for both a day at the office and a Sunday brunch.  

  • A solid color blazer for work or dinner is understated but still impactful. Style it with minimal accessories like a delicate chain necklace, hoop earrings, or studs for a poised and put-together look. 

  • Hey, wait! You can transform your blazer for a fun hour with your girl's squad by swapping out a few simple accessories. A bold handbag, edgy pointy-toe pumps, colorful statement earrings are elegant and playful at once. 

  • Bridal showers, brunches, or any event calls for a classic combo of burgundy and black. Style your summer dress with a rich black hue blazer and strappy sandals for a formal daytime event.


Lovely layers over a dress

Just because summertime is rising, it doesn't mean that the weather or workplace is ready for spaghetti straps or off-shoulder yet. Thankfully layering pieces are just as perfect as transitioning in the season as they are helping you revamping your old favorites. Women's online clothing stores help you decide what you will wear over your summer dresses this year! 


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