Various Credit Card Types And Their Features

Various Credit Card Types And Their Features

With a credit card, purchases are made using the account holder’s available credit rather than by making cash deposits. When someone uses a credit card to buy, a balance is added to their account that must be paid off each month.

Various kinds of credit cards are available in India from several different lenders. A lot of the categories, though, have become well-liked and typical ones for credit cards. Discover the most popular credit card types in India by reading the information below.


Types of Credit Cards:


  • Business Credit Card

Credit Cards for businesses might be useful for covering expenses related to business expansion or growth. The following are some of India’s top business credit cards:

  1. American Express Platinum Corporate Card
  2. HDFC Bank Corporate Premium Credit Card
  3. Axis Bank Executive Corporate Credit Card
  4. HDFC Bank Business Regalia Credit Card


  • Cashback Credit Card

On purchases made with a credit card, cashback credit cards offer cash back in the range of 2-20%. These cards include rewards programs, yearly fee refunds, waivers of fuel surcharge, etc. In India, some of the top cashback credit cards are:

  1. HDFC Bank Millennia Credit Card
  2. Cashback SBI Card
  3. Paytm SBI Cashback Credit Card
  4. HSBC Cashback Credit Card
  5. Axis Bank ACE Credit Card


  • Rewards Credit Card

You can earn quick and refundable reward points to get discounts on particular purchases or transactions.

  1. SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card
  2. Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card
  3. Citi Rewards Credit Card
  4. RBL Bank ShopRite Credit Card
  5. American Express Platinum Card


  • Co-branded Credit Card

A Co-branded card is one that the retailer of goods or services for consumers offers in association with a certain credit card issuer or network.

  1. Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card
  2. Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card
  3. Paytm SBI Credit Card Select
  4. RBL Bank Edition Credit Card
  5. ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card


  • Entertainment Credit Card

The easiest way to take advantage of discounts, points, and other benefits on entertainment-related purchases is to use a credit card. The following are a few of India's top entertainment credit cards:

  1. RBL Bank Edition Credit Card
  2. BookMyShow RBL Play Credit Card
  3. PVR Kotak Platinum Credit Card
  4. Eazy Diner Indusind Bank Credit Card


  • Fuel Credit Card

By using a fuel credit card to make annual fuel savings and obtaining fuel surcharge waivers, you can lower your transportation costs.

  1. ICICI Bank HPCL Super Saver Credit Card
  2. BPCL SBI Credit Card
  3. IndianOil Citi Credit Card
  4. Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card


  • Lifestyle Credit Card

The features of lifestyle credit cards had chosen to guarantee that you save as much money as possible when using them. These cards provide rewards, savings, and other advantages for shopping, dining, and even travel. The following are a few of India’s top lifestyle credit cards:

  1. Axis Bank SELECT Credit Card
  2. HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card
  3. IndusInd Bank Pinnacle World Credit Card
  4. SBI Prime Credit Card
  5. Bank of Baroda Eterna Credit Card
  6. HDFC Bank Millennia Credit Card


  • Premium/Signature Credit Card

Premium credit cards, sometimes known as ‘black’ or ‘purple’ cards, include an annual payment but provide cardholders with some exclusive benefits in exchange. Only wealthy earners and major spenders are offered access to premium cards, which are often seen as status symbols.

  1. Axis Bank Magnus Credit Card
  2. American Express Platinum Card
  3. HDFC Bank INFINIA Credit Card Metal Edition
  4. SBI ELITE Credit Card
  5. ICICI Bank Emeralde Credit Card


  • Travel Credit Card

With the help of a travel credit card, you can gain reward points, free access to VIP airport lounges, and discount on airlines, rail tickets, and buses.

  1. Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card
  2. Indigo Kotak Bank Credit Card
  3. Air India SBI Signature Credit Card
  4. IRCTC SBI Card Premier
  5. American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card
  6. Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card


Features of Credit Cards

Cashback and Discounts

The credit card also provides other benefits aside from discounts at restaurants, entertainment facilities, and access to travel and shopping apps. Additionally, fuel surcharge waivers are available at all fuel stations globally.

Boost your Credit Score

Credit Cards are not only useful for online buying. Additionally, they help in raising your credit score. Your CIBIL Score can be raised by making responsible credit card use and timely repayment of the balance. As a result, getting loans in the future won’t be a problem for you.

Keep a record of your spending

You can keep track of your expenses and schedule the repayment under the monthly statements you receive through net banking.

Making travel easy

Credit cards are significant because they are used for travel. The credit cards from IDFC FIRST Bank come with special features like priority check-in and free lounge access at Indian airports and train stations. You can also get discounts on food at more than 280 restaurants besides these advantages.

Insurance Security

Credit cards offer both travel insurance and personal injury coverage, which is one of their key advantages.

Cash withdrawals without Interest

A few credit cards allow you to withdraw cash up to a specified amount in an emergency without paying interest for 40 to 50 days. This may come in handy in an emergency.



Now that you are aware of various credit cards available in India, you may choose the type of card you need. You can always apply for them if you are eligible for many cards and can enjoy their benefits. Remember that your financial portfolio may contain a variety of credit cards. To take full advantage of your credit card, you should pay your bills on time to avoid paying high-interest rates.