Top 8 Most Common Challenges That Courier Services Companies

When it comes to criticizing the quality of any service, most of us tend to overlook its human factor. Customers are not the only ones that are affected by different problems and issues, like what we buy and pay for, and what we receive in the end. We forget that we also depend on people who are also involved and responsible for delivering the service, and courier services are no different. 


Most of us have already experienced problems with receiving or sending a parcel. This usually happens because there are plenty of things that need to be done in order to transport your shipment from one place to another. Sometimes, things can go wrong and this is just normal. In this article, we'll be discussing the most common incidents and issues couriers face. If you do own a courier business or you're working as a delivery driver, you may want to get some important insights here. 


1. Damaged Vehicles and Accidents 


Although courier drivers obey a watchful planned route daily, problems on the road are inevitable and when this happens, it can cause delays in their schedule. If the courier didn't arrive at its expected time, most likely, an accident happened or the vehicle broke down or the traffic was a bit heavier than usual. It's important to note that not everything can be foreseen. 


2. Handling Fragile Packages 


The sad news is, a standard courier service is not completely appropriate for fragile or valuable items. Packages during transit arrive at several depots where they get sorted both automatically and manually. Most of the time, a huge part of these packages are labelled as "fragile", however, if every parcel should be treated with additional care, it can make delivery times even longer. This is why it's important for those people who own a business that needs courier service to pack their items and products properly because any damages can bring issues with delivery. 


3. Failure to Deal With Multiple Customers 


E-commerce companies are the major customers for a courier service provider. And because a courier company is highly connected with numerous e-commerce businesses, it's only imperative that you have a management system that's good enough to manage their order, record data of the COD remittances, and other processes.


4. Difficulty to Locate the Address 


Couriers and delivery drivers get lost sometimes, and it's not a surprise that some places are just too hard to locate. Thus, prior to coming up with conclusions about why the courier cannot collect or deliver your package on time, try to see if your building or property can be easily found. Looking for the correct address is quite challenging, and it's one of the biggest problems that couriers face. As a client and customer, ensure that you provide couriers with the accurate and complete address always and take note that some residential places may be complicated to locate or access. 


5. Difficulty to Identify Parcels 


Labels make it easier for courier services to identify and transport packages to the right places. But sometimes, unforeseen things can happen like parcels getting switched upon collection or get broken in transit. This is the reason why some parcels are considered as 'lost', making it difficult and even impossible to determine it without any label. It's important for parcels to be labelled correctly, and make it a habit to opt for stronger packaging for you to avoid damages. 


Before you start complaining, try to be considerate about all the problems that couriers face on an everyday basis. 


6. Updating Customers 


This is one of the most common challenges that couriers face. It's important for both the end-customer and e-commerce company to be updated with the status of the courier in order to display great transparency. It also lessens the number of messages and calls to the customer support centre. 


7. Transporting and Delivering Items Without Any Damage 


One of the main goals of courier companies is to deliver goods safely to the customers without any problems. It's also one of the major challenges that they face because if any damage is done to the product, it can impact the reputation of the courier service provider in a negative way, and even have to pay for the damaged parcel. 


8. Costly Delivery Expenses


It's not easy to operate a courier business, there are plenty of things to consider like managing courier operations, allocating orders, segregating orders, picking the proper delivery vehicle, choosing the drivers, arranging delivery routes, and of course, manually requiring a huge team of professionals. Furthermore, it's also necessary to have a generous amount of time and effort to perform multiple operations. Also, a big problem for courier service providers is controlling this cost. 



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