Top 3 luxurious clothing brands in the world

We all know how we have evolved throughout ages when it comes to clothing. Initially, we started with wearing nothing then we moved to wear leaves of trees or plants but then eventually we moved to what we know today as clothing. The clothing industry is one of the rapidly growing and highly competitive industries as we know it. Many brands in the world are considered to be luxurious and a few of them will be discussed below. 

Balenciaga- Experience the luxury

In the era that we are living in, there are many celebrities and pop stars who acknowledge the existence of this French fashion house. The estimated brand value of Balenciaga is $1.1 Billion. It is growing very rapidly in the luxurious world with more and more celebrities mentioning this brand. The wealthy millennials are tempted towards this brand because of the unique and bold designs it releases and especially the sneakers that attract a large number of its customers. 

Are you wondering what are the things that they provide to all its customers it is - ready-to-wear clothing, footwear, and handbags? As we already mentioned about the hype of its shoes the top search of this website is in the category of footwear- shoes, sneakers, and speed trainers as per the report of Luxe digital. This brand never fails to amaze its customers with the bold designs of its release. 

In April 2019 it was seen hitting a significant wealth milestone that could boost the company’s worth to over the billion-euro threshold. One of the luxurious clothing brands keeps on growing since the time it left its parent company and it does not seem like it has any plans of stopping furthermore. 

It doubled its popularity when Cardi B referred to this brand in one of her rap songs in the year 2018 that was “I like it”. 

Chanel- Luxurious clothing brand

This brand is again a French luxurious clothing brand. The brand value of Chanel is $7.2 Billion. International supermodels die to be a part of this high-end luxury brand and this is the reason that it has maintained stardom for quite a few years now. 

It has brought a revolution in the fashion industry and not just once but a lot of times with all the modern and sophisticated designs it brings out. It provides all sorts of clothing things required from eyewear to handbags and whatnot. Chanel is although a high-end brand of the world but the simplicity and elegance it provides in all its clothing are what has made it famous throughout the years of its career in this clothing industry. 

The top search that people have made on this website that is also the best cashback website around the globe is Coco Chanel, Chanel bags, and Bleu De Chanel (its perfume line).  Philippe Blondiaux, Chanel’s global chief financial officer, maintained that the French luxury brand would not be sold or made public when news outlets questioned the business’s status in June. In 2018, the company generated $11.1 billion in global sales, up 12.5 percent for the year, according to a report from Business of Fashion.

Dior- High-end luxury brand

It is yet another French-based luxurious clothing brand of the world which is also known as Christian Dior. Founded in the year 1946, it only sells two things- clothing and footwear. 

Why do you think it is a brand that most people around the globe know about?

Dior is one of the brands that makes its costumes fully hand made which takes a shell of a lot of hours to be designed and to be stitched. If you ever search the word couture on google you would know that it means, “the design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client’s specific requirements and measurements”. This is what Dior sells, the quality. 

If we will look at the top 3 searches that have been made related to the brand then they are - Dior Sauvage (their perfume brand), sunglasses, and beauty brand. We assume people are quite obsessed with the perfume range of the brand. The founder of the brand is Christian Dior and now after years of its opening, the net worth of the company is €2.93 billion as per the reports in the year 2019. 

It is not just a brand that provides high-end clothing but the customers it has made in the past decades is also recommendable and are also a major contributing factor in its popularity. It is one of the well-known luxury brands in the fashion world. Initially, it was started with women’s wear but now it has launched men’s wear, watches, cosmetics, fragrances, and many more luxurious products. Dior’s prestigious reputation would never fade if it keeps working the same way it has done for years, giving the quality with the quantity it takes. 


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