Three Ways COVID Has Changed the Cannabis Packaging

The packaging industry has its share of drastic changes in 2020.

Over the course of last year, during the COVID health crisis, product packaging has become more critical than ever. Now, people are more concerned about food safety, product shelf life, and a spike in eCommerce sales. Such changes have increased the challenges for people in the business of Consumer Package Goods (CPG). 

In an effort to make some sense of the past year, experts have recently shared the overall trends in the packaging industry as a result of the COVID crisis. Some variations are so unexpected that they deserved their search! Keep reading for unexpected and drastic ways COVID is impacting the packaging industry, specifically custom cannabis packaging. 

Sustainable Packaging Is Back In Business

One of the notable shifts over the past year is the interest of consumers in sustainable packaging. However, the COVID probably will not hold it in the long run; there are some striking shifts in the short run. For instance, in most states of the USA, the department of food, environment, and rural affairs has pulled back the ban on plastic products such as straws, cotton buds, and plastic stirrers. 

The food sector has also reconsidered its approach to reusable packaging that could carry transmission risks. Even before the pandemic, some coffee shops had returned to using disposable mugs. Retailers’ and customers’ preferences shift towards more pre-packaged products, such as fruit and herbs, instead of buying them loose. Such options are speeding up restocking and consumers’ considerations as safer.

Typically, we may see the principles that packaging has long accepted – maintaining the security, hygiene, and integrity of products– come to the fore during the current crisis. However, this may be a temporary trend, meaning that the current customer demand will likely be for more than less packaging.

Stockpiling of Cannabis

Necessary goods aren’t the only thing people are stocking up. Likewise, cannabis buyers are decreasing their visits to the superstores but increasing their time per visit. Such shift is mainly due to safety precautions. 

The demand for eCommerce cannabis has also increased, and why not? Who doesn’t want their cannabis product from the comfort of their couches?

The post reports for pre-roll sales, often shared socially, have experienced a downfall. Meanwhile, the sale of cannabis flowers has drastically increased. We all know that COVID affects our lungs directly, so unsurprisingly, retailers have experienced an enormous shift in edible cannabis products. The sales of edible cannabis products are increased by 30% on average.

So, overall the cannabis industry is still booming. 

A More Sustainable Approach 

With the rise of concern among the consumers about custom printed cannabis packaging, manufacturers make notable changes to their product packaging. Especially when it comes to edible cannabis packaging, they need to take extra precautions and care to choose their product over the others. And why not? As people are paying fewer visits to stores, retailers want their products to last longer on the shelf. Therefore, the responsibility falls on the cannabis packaging. 

Importance of Cannabis boxes 

The retailer’s fundamental belief is that anything higher in demand is prepared in the entire supply to ensure its balance and meet the customers’ request. In the past, the crop and trade of  Legal authorities were preventing Cannabis products due to their infamous background and misuses.

However, most countries have authorized the subject consumption of cannabis. Other than that, numerous beneficial traits of cannabis have been unveiling by extensive research.

Therefore, such an increase in demand has lead packaging manufacturers to produce and improve Cannabis packaging at wholesale, especially for edibles. To meet the food business standards, packaging manufacturers are making remarkable changes to their packaging line to meet their demands. 


An improvement in technology has increased the number of companies that produce the same product with almost the same formula but under different company titles. However, It has become challenging to create something different in terms of characteristics and effectiveness to develop a brand’s unique image and increase sales.

Wholesale Cannabis packaging allows companies to intensify the packaging’s surface, giving a sensual effect and worth the money. There are not only a few but several companies that offer the same product globally. Cannabis boxes are more effective in gaining a more significant market because of some notable benefits.


The pandemic has affected each industry in its own way, leading retailers to develop new and improved ways to market their products. For that, they are now more concerned about the protection, shelf life, and sustainability of their products. 

If you are among those retailers looking for a way to scale up their cannabis packaging boxes and impact the market in such crucial times, go for custom cannabis boxes and see what benefit it can be. 



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