Three Benefits Of Publishing Web Stories On Your Website

Google has always invested its time and money in mining out tools and features that make it possible for websites to grow and become more user friendly. Be it Google Analytics, Site Kit or the Search Console, there are a plethora of tools offered by the company. One such feature is Google Web Stories. 

As a relatively new feature by Google, web stories are slowly becoming one of the most widely used features by SEO experts and marketers. This high pace is attributed to the fact that not only is this format user friendly, but it also does the job of making your website visible to your target audience. 

While the benefits of using web stories on your website are many, its dynamic nature and varied usability being a few, here are the three main benefits of publishing web stories on your website. 

#1- Increased visibility on search engines

One of the most impactful benefits of using web stories is that it increases the visibility of your company on search engines. As a website, your ultimate aim is to be recognized for your work in your niche. 

Be it a retail website, or a blogging website, Google web stories is a tool that will help you reach your right audience. This SEO feature allows you to create digestible forms of content that suit not only the present day need but also allows your website to gain more recognition. 

#2- Smartphone friendly

An estimated number of smartphone users in the world currently is 3 billion. This number is only forecasted to grow in the future. This number makes it pretty obvious that websites now focus on making their websites as smartphone friendly as possible. 

Most social media platforms use this feature on their platforms, and most of these social media platforms were originally created for smartphone users. Therefore, another reason web stories is a good feature is that it optimizes your website according to the needs of smartphone users. 

Be it a shopping website or blog, web stories are the perfect feature as you can create almost anything out of it. Be it small pieces of content or a product page/story, the options are endless. 

#3-  Unique Content Format

While surfing through a website and going through a particular blog or catalogue, we are accustomed to the format of content. Text image text, or on a retail website, a product image and its description along with other details. 

Web stories break this monotony and present before your users a fresh form of compact content that serves the need and creates channels for you and your website to grow. 

You can create different forms of content and creatives that suit your niche in the best way possible. 

In Conclusion

In this article we discussed the three main benefits of publishing Google web stories on your website. is a great digital marketing institute in Delhi to learn new marketing channels like web stories. You can give your career the head start it needs at 

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Gaurav Heera is a digital marketing trainer and writer with many years of experience in the field. He often writes guest posts for Delhi Courses, an institute known for its digital marketing training in Delhi


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