The CMO’s Guide to the ‘New’ Link Building Strategy in Less

Google ranking algorithms have changed significantly in the past few years, but the links still play a crucial role in ranking the websites. Therefore, one must understand how to earn links as it helps to protect websites from the links that can harm the ability to rank. Below mentioned is the detailed guide on the ‘New’ Link building strategy.

Links: The Good, Bad and Ugly

The quality and the relevance of links matter more than the number of links. Millions of links can be created across millions of websites that can go unnoticed or can be ignored. On the other hand, if the website uses favourable links, your site will be trusted by the association. So, therefore it is essential to have a strategy rather than blindly building up numerous links. It not only helps in saving time, money or energy, but also helps in improving the results of an organization. Therefore, SEO agency must consider which type of links to look for, and one’s that must be avoided before they engage in linking building program:

Good Backlinks

These links are from authority websites in your field or non-spammy websites with content related to your website theme. The good links tend to be earned naturally and are not scalable. These links help to give you a dominant position in the marketplace and are more valuable.

Bad Backlinks

These links don’t do any good to an organization as they are from unrelated websites. These links must be avoided at any cost as these result in a penalty when you’re inevitably caught. With bad backlinks, Google will view any honest mistake to attempt an unethical, manipulative ranking.

Ugly Backlinks

These are the links that come from link farms, spam sites, or sites known to sell low-quality content. These links won’t impact much on the organic ranking of an organization. Therefore, investing time in producing these kinds of links is a waste of time, money and effort as it will never generate much return on the investment.

As a CMO, you need to avoid such backlinks as unnatural linking can hurt your brand and website ranking. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid the following tactics of obtaining the backlinks:

  •  Sending mass email requests

  • Participating in link farms

  •  Purchasing links

  •  Getting site-wide links etc.

How to Start a Link-Earning Program?

The best way of obtaining backlinks is to earn them naturally. Here are three steps that SEO agency must follow to get started with link earning:

Benchmark the Link Profile

You must begin with the benchmark of how your website is currently doing. For this, you can use various tools like Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Majestic Site Explorer, Moz’s Link Explorer etc.

Build the Link Earning Program

A link earning strategy involves various tasks, including:

  • Analyzing links

  • Finalizing links

  • Creating content

  • Making search engines aware

  • Publicizing and sharing content

  • Attracting links

Creating quality content is the most critical step in this process.

Monitor Backlinks and Prune as Needed

Once you have started earning links, it is crucial to maintain your link profile which includes:

  • Monitor backlinks to your site

  • Evaluate your link profile

  • Remove unwanted backlinks by “link pruning.”

  • Use Google’s Disavow tool

How to Create Content that is Capable of Getting Relevant Links?

It is important to create valuable content for the users. The quality content helps to fuel up your link earning program. According to Google, there are three principles upon which quality content is created. These principles are:

  • Expertise

  • Authoritativeness

  • Trustworthiness

It is commonly known as E-A-T. Great content increases the rate of reading and share ratio, which helps organizations to earn links easily. Creating link-worthy content involves the process of planning and forming strategies. The link-worthy content includes informational, inspirational, educational and entertaining content.

Moving from Link Building to link Earning

Link earning chances are the face of an SEO agency forever. The old link building strategy focused more on quantity, whereas link earning focuses more on the quality of links. Some commonly known link earning tactics include:

  •  Creating an amazing content

  •  Creating engagement with community via contests and giveaways

  •  Awesome Freebies

If you want to know more about ‘New’ Link building and earning strategy for your online business, head to #ARM Worldwide. It is a digital marketing consultancy known to offer the best SEO services with the latest Google updates. So don’t wait for too long, and visit #ARM Worldwide’s website today!


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