The Benefits and Drawbacks of Ecommerce

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Ecommerce

Every business has its pros and cons e – commerce has its various advantages and disadvantages. Before starting an e –commerce business one should be aware of all this. In e-commerce a customer cannot interact with you physically they are just connected to you through your website even a small mistake at your end can lead to your loss. Keeping an eye on small things and striving for making your website better every day will always be an advantage.


1. Ecommerce's location neutrality is a tremendous benefit.

"Location, location, location" is a phrase you've probably heard a lot. The first benefit of ecommerce is that it is not restricted by geography. Your customer only has to travel the distance of a single mouse click to reach you because every website is in a fantastic location.

2. Ecommerce saves money by eliminating the need for supervisors and cashiers.

A separate set of supervisors or cashiers is not required for an online store or workplace. It only takes one person to keep an eye on the sales. Everything takes place in a tidy and orderly manner. More people can sometimes lead to disputes in an organization. A single person can supervise the sales.

3. Availability 24/7: Your business will be availing services to customers 24/7 anyone can purchase just by a single click.    Your website is the location where customer can reach just will by a single click.

4. Begin with an international focus from the beginning. Electronic commerce instantly internationalises your business!

You've probably heard the term "global village" thrown around by various people. But did you realise it had something to do with your line of work? By establishing an online store or online office, you may reach out to people from all over the world. For all intents and purposes, you and your consumers are one and the same.


1. Returns are a significant ecommerce disadvantage.

Customers frequently misunderstand descriptions or are simply in too much of a hurry to read the entire product description. As a result, an electrical device such as a mobile phone charger that requires 220V of electricity and is intended for use while on tour in Asia is purchased for local usage in the United States and then returned, frequently with a receipt.

2. Credit card purchases are back-charged, which is a vexing ecommerce disadvantage.

The customer will reject the charges, which is related to the previous point. When this happens, your credit card issuer will not only reverse the credit, but will also charge your account. It wasn't your fault, but you must accept responsibility.

4. Ecommerce's search engine fog is a significant disadvantage.

If you create a brick and mortar store in a prominent area, you will be seen immediately and have customers the moment you open. With ecommerce, this is not a benefit. The only location that matters in the virtual world is the location in the search engine's search results.

5. Can be similarly costly - ecommerce's hidden costs are a huge disadvantage.

True, you don't have to spend money on electricity, employees, or even an office. However, professional professionals must put in a lot of effort to establish up a solid internet store. They must first construct a good internet store for you, and then market it. People who do it must have specialized abilities and a thorough understanding of the subject.

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