The Authenticity of Buying from a Canada Head Shop Online

Some smokers have certain doubts while purchasing bongs, dab rigs, hookahs, and vaporizers from online smoke shops in Canada. They do not have the exact knowledge about these shops; thus, they do not trust buying a smoking instrument from a Canada head shop online. Nonetheless, these are only myths as the reality is quite the opposite. Let us discuss if the rumours are true about online headshops in Canada:

  1. Online Headshops Are Expensive: There is a misconception that online headshops in Canada are expensive than traditional headshops. The truth is that such shops have a strategic partnership with smoking instruments' manufacturers locally and globally; thus, they stock smoking instruments in bulk, leading to low prices for them. Consequently, they offer them at prices lower than traditional smoke shops to their customers.

  2. Online Head Shops Are Ilegal: There is also a myth that buying from an online smoke shop means you are breaking the law; it is also not true. As long as you are of legal age in Canada, you can buy from online headshops. You can purchase bongs, pipes, shishas, e-cigarettes, and a lot more from such shops. You will not get arrested while investing your money in purchasing a smoking instrument online as it is all-legal in Canada.

  3. Online Headshops Are Not Worthy of Trust: It is also assumed that customers' privacy will be at peril when they shop from online headshops in Canada. However, it is not correct. Online headshops care about your privacy and ship your smoking instrument with discreet shipping or a mail carrier. Some head shops keep your buying information confidential unless you place your order over the phone. Thus, you should not be worried about your privacy buying from a head shop in Canada.

  4. Shipment Will Take Too Long: There is also a myth of the order's late shipping while purchasing a smoking instrument online. A reputable online head shop will have a shipping policy to answer concerns like one of these. For instance, a head shop may have a shipping policy to pack and ship every order within a day or a same-day shipping policy, provided that you place your order at the right time. When you buy from a Canada head shop online, you should read its shipping policy to ensure your order will be shipped to you at the right time.

  5. Online Headshops Have No Match To an In-Person Purchase: It is also the belief by some smokers that online headshops are only a website, and it is better to buy your bong or hookah in-person. Yes, online headshops are websites, but they have a wealth of information to help you decide: Which smoking instrument will best suit your needs? Therefore, you should read the provided information on an online smoke shop to determine how a specific smoking instrument can help you with.

  6. Online Smoke Shops Sell Copies Not Original Smoking Instruments: There is another misconception that all online headshops sell knock-offs than authentic smoking instruments. There are a few smoke shops that you cannot rely on, but it does not mean you should stop shopping for your smoking instruments online. If you do not want to be duped by an imitator, you should spend some time on the WWW (World Wide Web) to find out about the authenticity of smoke shops. You will be able to compile a list of reputable and authentic online smoke shops once you thoroughly scrutinize the headshops' websites.

  7. You Can Never Return an Unsatisfactory Smoking Instrument: It is also wrong that you cannot return a defective bong or an unused smoking instrument to the headshop. In fact, an authentic repair shop will have a reliable means of contouring the return. You can contact the shops' customer service representative through phone, email, or live chat and tell them about the issue. A customer-friendly online headshop will have no issue listening to you and having the product returned in your favour. Nevertheless, if you have used a smoking instrument and want to return it, you can not claim for it as the product would not be in its original state.


You may be one of those smokers who do not prefer buying smoking instruments from a Canada head shop online on account of the following seven myths:

  • Online headshops are expensive.

  • It is not legal to buy from an online headshop.

  • These shops do not care about their customers' privacy.

  • It takes too long for these shops to pack and ship orders.

  • Online headshops are not better than traditional headshops.

  • These shops only sell knock-offs rather than original pieces.

  • You do not have any right to return a defective smoking instrument to online head shops.

These stories or rumours are not true at all; therefore, you should not be worried about buying your favourite instrument from a reputable online smoke shop in Canada.

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