The Art of Selling Anything at Full Price

Believe it or not, the way sellers present their product to the customers has an impact on its price and the perceived value. But before proceeding further, let’s first get to know about the following terms.

  • Price: It is the amount of money that your customers are willing to pay for a product.
  • Value: It is the benefits that the customers expect to get from the product and the emotional connection he/she has with the offering, the company, and the employees.

The Art of Selling

Now that you are aware of the two terms, it is important for you to know about the art of selling. Not many people are not natural-born sellers. But it will surely help if you learn how to sell. There are some individuals who treat a $30 product as if it was priced at $300 and then there are those who treat a $300 product as if it is worth $30. You can easily tell which salesperson sold more. Anyhow, if selling is not your forte then there is nothing to worry about. This article is going to list down some tips that will help you with that so you may too sell anything at full price.

#1. Create Anticipation

When you are trying to make a sale, you must be able to create anticipation among the buyer. You should know what to say and how to say it that can get the buyer interested in the offering. One way you can do this is to tell all the cool features and benefits of the product before you actually present them. This will certainly make the buyer more eager to know what the product is. You can use phrases like, “You are going to love this product” or “This product is just perfect for you”.

#2. Know-How to Present the Product to Your Customers

You don’t just hand over the product to your customers as if it means nothing. Instead, you should be really careful with it and present the object in a way that can justify its value. For instance, if a product that you want to show to the customer is costly, then try using both hands to hand the item to the customer to examine. Or, you can use an open palm to hand over the product or just do a full presentation of the object. Keep in mind that the way you will present the product to the buyer will communicate how special and valuable it is. So, the higher the price point is, the more flair you should consider adding to the presentation.

#3. Make Sure Every Customer Experiences the Product

Although it is an extremely important point, many sellers don’t usually pay much heed to it. The reason is that they don’t instigate it. You should know that by letting the customer experience the product, you will be assisting them greatly in their purchase decision. Therefore, don’t mind if the buyers touch the item, or push or pull them as they are just checking it out, trying to establish an emotional connection with it. When customers experience a product then it will increase its value in their eyes which doubles the possibility of them purchasing it.

#4. Let the Customers Experience the Features of the Product

What this means is for you to avoid going into the specifics of a product. All you need to do is just hand over the product to the buyer. Then, you can blow their minds by telling them the features, allowing the customers to experience it themselves. For instance, if you are showing a particular object to the buyers that have an ergonomically enhanced handle, then don’t talk about it yet. Instead, let the customers use the handle and then ask them if they can feel the difference. If a salesperson masters this art then it surely will help them secure a sale easily. Also, not to forget how honing this skill can lead to them finding their dream job courtesy of a staffing agency that actively searches for talented individuals.


Salespersons are usually good at communication skills who can easily get their point across without any hassles. But every now and then, they might struggle a little while selling a product at its full price. However, you can always consider the above-mentioned tips to help you improve. There are also many other tips that can aid you in enhancing your sales game. A couple of them are as follows:

  • You can ask a colleague to observe as you deal with a customer. He/she can then tell how well you did and what can be improved. This will allow you to work on your shortcomings.
  • You can practice value-added actions with your manager before the start of your shift and by the end of it, he/she can tell how you added value to a customer’s experience with the product.

You can keep these pointers in mind the next time you are selling a product to the customers. It will definitely help you get better at your job!


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