Six Benefits of Corrugated Packaging for Your Products

Durable, lightweight, and strong- these words are often associated with corrugated cardboard rolls in the packaging industry.

Since 1856, when it was first developed, corrugated packaging has been useful for various industries due to its several advantages.

Corrugated paper rolls and cardboards are manufactured using a specially engineered material known as “fluted cardboard.” This material is then fitted in between liners which gives that unique design to these boxes.

There are several benefits of using corrugated packaging for your products.

Efficient protective packaging

Due to their sophisticated construction, corrugated boxes are one of the best protective packaging available in the market. It is best for sensitive items as it gives maximum protection during transportation.

Fragile items like glassware, food, and chemicals can be easily shipped in these boxes as they can withstand long shipping hours and temperature changes. Corrugated packaging also prevents moisture from entering the items, which helps to keep perishable deliveries safe.

corrugated cardboard rolls

It is lightweight

For businesses, the high transport cost can be a headache. This is the reason why packing supplies needs to be lightweight so that it doesn’t add much to the overall weight of the packages. Corrugated paper rolls are extremely light despite being able to hold heavy weight. They are convenient for delivering items and easy to handle. Also, due to their lightweight, the cost of transportation also decreases by a lot.

Recyclable and environment-friendly

Corrugated packaging is easy to dispose of as most of these are made up of environment-friendly material. Surveys show that more than 80% of corrugated packaging is recycled in the U.K. Many companies use timbre from renewable pine trees for the pulp.

Apart from recycling, corrugated boxes can be reused for many purposes. They can be donated and repeatedly used before recycling.

Super flexible

Corrugated cardboard rolls can be shaped into different sizes. These are available in various layers, adhesive coatings, and dimensions. Some are even flame resistant. Due to their flexibility, cartons can be folded to pack many items—even the oddly shaped ones that are a blessing for businesses.

Easily customisable

Customising packaging boxes according to the brand's requirements is essential for brand awareness. Corrugated cartons are great for printing graphics, make them colourful, and do different artwork.

Printing options vary from flexography to digital printing to catch the customer’s attention. Corrugated boxes can be printed with simple logos to complicated patterns, which makes them super easy for businesses to promote their company.


Although the manufacturing may look complicated, corrugated rolls are one of the most cost-effective packaging materials available in the market. The cost of labour is relatively cheap, and due to its lightweight, the cost of these rolls in bulk cannot be more than a couple of pounds.
Some tips to keep in mind while working with corrugated cartons

To further minimise any product damage, here are some tips that will help you to improve your product packaging.

•       Keeping the cardboard rolls clean is essential. Clean cardboard will hold on to the adhesive better than old, dirty rolls.
•       Ensure that the rolls have been properly folded and glued. Maintain quality assurance and look for any disruptions once you have put together a box. It needs to be completely sealed from three sides.
•       For delicate items, use protective void fillers as a cushion. You can also use extra bubble wraps or corrugated paper rolls to ensure that the item isn’t moving inside the box.
•       Before packing any product, check for any defective boxes. Defective boxes should not be used for delivering goods. You can keep those aside and use them as protective guards.
Hopefully, now you can understand how useful corrugated cardboard rolls are for businesses. Because of its flexibility and strength, it is absolutely essential for many companies.

But quality matters the most when it comes to packaging materials. Without sound quality, no matter how good your packing skills are, there is going to be product damage. To avoid that, get your materials from well-known, trustworthy packaging suppliers like Wellpack Europe. Their vast range of packing materials and reliable customer service ensure that you get the best supplies for your business.


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