Simple strategies & tips for Instagram marketing for your e-commerce store in 2021

There's a reason more and more companies and brands are taking action on Instagram. Not only is it the fastest growing social platform, but it also has its own pull among its users that no other social platform can match.
Additionally, a large number of users on Instagram are ready to spend, making it a great option not only for building a branding image but also for more sales and growing your e-commerce business.
In this post, let's learn everything you need to know about marketing on Instagram for an e-commerce store.

Why Instagram for Your Ecommerce Store?

If you think Instagram is all about building branding or engaging with personal content, think again. If the statistics published by HootSuite are to be believed, 80% of users on the platform follow at least one business account.
Instagram also boasts a user base of 1 billion users around the world. And given that 70% of users are likely more likely to shop from their mobile device, Instagram offers a huge opportunity for small businesses looking to grow their e-commerce business using Instagram.

How do you set up your Instagram shopping account?

It is important to set up an Instagram shopping account if you want to sell directly from Instagram. However, setting up a shopping account is only possible on an approval basis and depends on your authorization for an account.


Let's go through some of the key requirements below.
- Your business must be in a supported market
- You sell physical goods
- Your business does not violate Instagram's e-commerce guidelines
- You have a business account and not a personal account
- Your Instagram business account is linked to your Facebook business page.

Sign up for Instagram Shopping

You can set up your Instagram account in two different ways. First, you need to create a catalog manager on Facebook (if you haven't already) and sync it with your Instagram account.
This can take a few days, so if you are planning a product launch or something similar, it is a good idea to get started as soon as possible.
The second option is to use one of Facebook's partners, Shopify or BigCommerce. This is an easier, faster process, but it will also cost you money. That said, if you are looking to grow your business or want your e-commerce business to work more easily on the internet, then this option might prove to be the best solution.
All you have to do is register an account with one of these two e-commerce platforms and then link your business Facebook account to it.
Once that's done, you can sign up for an Instagram Shopping account. To do this, open your profile, click Settings, then Business, and select the Shopping option.

This process is also expected to take a few days. Once your account is approved, it will function as a shopping account and your followers and users will be able to buy your products.

Tagging your products

It's not enough to just set up an Instagram shopping account. You have to put in some work to get more sales and grow your e-commerce business.
You need to start tagging products in your account. Ideally, you should tag them on both your feed and your posts.
For tagging restrictions, you can tag up to 5 products per post and up to 20 products per multi-image or carousel post.
As for Instagram Stories, you can currently only tag up to 1 product. However, if you are a little creative, there are several stories you can create that introduce a specific product category in your store.

Build a foundation

If there's one thing we really recommend in any type of marketing, it's just doing what already works instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.
On Instagram, a good, proven, and well-thought-out strategy is sure to work well. You don't really have to try doing something groundbreaking to get traction and promote your e-commerce brand.
The first thing you should do is do some research on your competitors. Just make a list of your closest competitors who are doing well on Instagram. If you are z. For example, if you are in the arts or crafts niche, check out the Etsy sellers on Instagram who have built a good following with impressive engagement and who also do well on Etsy itself.
Go through your competitors' posts. You should get a good idea of ​​what will work for you.
Then go to There you can search for both hashtags and users. Enter your competitors' usernames and search.

They will be able to figure out what they are doing and how they are trying to attract their audience.

Make your account look trustworthy

You need to work on growing your account so you will be able to sell products through your posts, feed, and stories. However, if you start from scratch, you may find it difficult to build an audience because your account doesn't look appealing or trustworthy to users.
Buying real-looking Instagram followers is a great way to get around this problem. If your real target audience saw that you were already followed by a good number of users, you would immediately come across as a small but trustworthy brand.
This would make it a lot easier for you to get real Instagram followers UK and promote your products.

Growing your account

Once you've made your account "presentable" by following the steps outlined above, you can focus on growing your account and selling your products.
As a new brand, it's a great way to promote and give recognition to user-generated content by further sharing it on your account. That would go a long way in helping you expand your reach, get a good number of sales initially, and build trust with your followers.
If your prospects see a lot of personal content from your followers on your account, it will make your brand much more appealing to them.
You can do this even if you don't have a large fan base. You can ask your existing customers to simply post a review of their purchase with a picture of the product they purchased.
Another way to promote user-generated content is to mention in your bio that your followers can be featured on your account by tagging you on their posts.
Aside from being “free” content, it's also a great way to get a large section of your target audience's attention.

Use Instagram Ads

If you can spend money then you can speed up the process of "growing" your account and make a lot of sales right away. While you may take some effort to learn how to properly set up the ads, once you run a few sets well and get a positive ROI (return on investment), you can scale things up a lot faster and easier.



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