Must-Have Supplies for Professional Lashing

Do you know one of the biggest trends in the beauty industry in the year 2020 has been classic eyelash extensions? The trend is here to stay and will rule in the year 2021. Due to the rising demand and since the trend is all over social media, our millennial and Gen-Z’s are not only keen on getting eyelash extensions, but some are also looking to become professional lash artists. The lash extension tools are broadly classified into “must-haves” and “extras”. Although titled extras, no lash artist can make do without them. We are here to break down all the lash extensions supplied for you and let you know how the extras will enhance your service.

Are you a newbie in the lash industry, or wanting to enhance your skill set to provide better customer services and satisfaction? We present to you a killer toolkit with all the essentials and extras you will ever need in your lash extension artist journey. These tips will be making lashing successful and comfortable for both yourself and your clientele. Keep reading to gain professional tips.

The three musketeers of the lash party

Pair of Lash Tweezers -

This is the most important tool to complete your lash service. Even if all the other supplies are in place and the tweezers decide not to cooperate, nothing can help you have a productive day. It is a good idea to have a spare in case the primary one acts up.

The market is flooded with millions of types of tweezers. Do your research before buying one. Although this may not turn out to be the ultimate purchase. You can only get to know which style best suits trial and error. So do not hesitate to experiment here.

You may think one pair of tweezers is all you need in this category. Well, you are wrong. Two pairs of tweezers are necessary as they perform different functions. One is needed for isolation and the other one for lashing. Isolation tweezers are strictly for isolation, as the name suggests. This tweezer will only allow the lash extension that needs to be applied to the natural lash. It restricts the interference of other natural lashes or extensions. This is how a clean application is obtained. They single out the natural lash of choice for a flawless application. 

This takes us to the next type of tweezers which are the lashing tweezers. Yes, what you are thinking is correct. Both your hands are occupied. Lashing tweezers are used to pick up the lash and apply for the eyelash extension. If your client wants classic eyelash extensions, you can use straight tweezers. L-shaped and/or curved tweezers are best for volume lashes.

Tip –

A smart lash extension professional always carries extra pairs of tweezers of both styles. They can come to your rescue when the one in action falls off. You can continue the procedure with the new pair rather than having to stop to sanitize the fallen one. Also, invest in a cute tweezer case to keep them secure.

Lash Adhesive -

The one player that holds the look together and we mean this literally. Adhesive! Their job as we all know is to hold the eyelash extension to the natural lash. This step is vital to the artist's career as it decides the retention time. Choose wisely after conducting elaborate research. 

Needless to say, lash glues contain chemicals that are applied very close to the eye. Please read the ingredient list before deciding. The last thing any professional wants is to see their client weeping due to irritation. Choose an adhesive that has no carbon black and can suit people with sensitive eyes. Bear in mind that glues for sensitive eyes come with lower retention. When substituting the normal adhesive with a sensitive one, make your client aware of the reality. 

Lash glues come with varying drying time. Some dry faster than the others. The faster they dry, the quicker the artist will need to work. If you are just beginning with this profession, don’t worry. Go for an adhesive that dries slightly slower so you can buy some extra seconds to fix the lash extensions.

Tip – 

Eyelash extension durability is greatly dependent on environmental conditions. Considering the humidity of your location is essential when buying lash glue. You need to do a lot of research here as this information is given on the packaging.

Quality Lashes -

Let us present to you the star of the show, high-quality lashes. This is the main ingredient of the entire lash extension process. Lashes are the one thing where you must splurge. The better the quality, the prettier the result. Your client will flaunt these lash extensions day in and day out. They will know eventually if you go the cheap route. Look on the brighter side, if your work looks flawless, your clients will recommend you to their friends and this way you get new customers and customer retention. Good quality lashes will hold the curl and look natural at the same time.

To style eyelash extensions perfectly, we suggest you have a tray of mixed styles to be able to create different styles. It is a good idea to have different lengths at hand to create more natural-looking fans. One of the most common styles in the market is faux mink lashes. These look fancy and posh, hence the preferred choice.

Tip – 

It is tricky to decide the length, and shape of the lash extensions. It is best to ask your client for a picture to know exactly what they want for complete customer satisfaction.

Want to show off you are a professional? Have these extras in your eyelash extension toolkit. 

Lash primer - 

When the natural lashes refuse to hold the lash extensions and slipping off the tweezers it is a clear indication that the lashes and skin of the client are oily. This situation calls out for lash primer. What primers do is strip excess oil and ensure strong retention. It also clears any eye residue and gives a clear space to carry out the procedure.

Glue remover - 

This is another addition to the lash extension toolkit. But, this is only needed if the client wants to remove the lash extensions. This is also useful during the procedure if the adhesive dries down in the wrong place. Glue remover can save your day.

Eye Pads - 

Although lash extensions are relaxing, they are not a spa treatment. So applying a moisturizing eye pad below the eye can make you stand out. They are helpful to separate the bottom lashes whilst applying for extensions by separating the top from the bottom lash. The pads make the client feel relaxed which automatically brings extra stars to your review.

Lash Mister - 

This can be a game-changer for you and your client. It drastically speeds up the adhesive drying time. They are also known to soothe inflamed eyes.

Our Parting words –

It is vital to have the main supplies in the kit to get a classic eyelash extension. But, we do not want to stay just ordinary. Having the extra supplies will make your client leave the lash room with utmost satisfaction and beautiful looking lashes. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find your best fit, because when you have found one, your patience will be worth it.


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