Lavish Life Magazine, an Insight into the Lives of the Elite

People from high society are often subjected to unreasonable hatred. There is a general misconception that the seeds of cultural and societal difference is sown by them, which is untrue. The world fails to realize that the lavish lifestyles they spend is a result of what they have earned over the years by hard work and dedication. Most of them have given valuable contributions to the world, due to which they are enjoying the positions they are now at. Unfortunately, people belonging to lower and middle classes view them as privileged people and fail to understand this logic. The thought that they are being treated as inferiors by the elites keeps them from understanding their point of view. One platform that is helping elites portray themselves in a positive light is Lavish Life Magazine.

Founded in 2015 by Molay Magwood, this magazine aimed to represent the Urban Community to the people and give them an inside look and experience of the Lavish Urban Lifestyle. Being well-aware of the negative light these celebrities and elite business personalities face, Magwood decided to take upon his shoulders to clear out the air and provide a window peeking into the lives of the high socials.

All That Glitters is Not Gold

Studies and researches from the psychiatrists have proved that the saddest, depressed, and lonely people are high-profiled individuals. This shows that money cannot buy happiness. The woke, professional, and responsible writers at Lavish Life Magazine are aware of the social injustices and wrongs happening in the lives of the posh and address all of the social issues. Being a magazine with a voice, Magwood provided his expert team of writers the liberty to write independently, without fearing for their lives. The magazine has till date interviewed famous personalities such as the great legends of R&B, including Ralph Tresvant, Avant, Stokley, and actors such as Robert Richard. The issues which featured these celebrities did fairly well and were successful in achieving their goal. The feedback received for these magazines showed that Lavish Life Magazine had lifted a wall that separated the elites and less privileged. It made their lives transparent, which allowed others to relate and connect with them at some points.

Lavish Life Magazine began with a good start. By having connections with great organizations like 200 Blokk Dyckman’s founder Devon Hyman (better known as The Jason Bourne Experience), UpScale Media and PR, and K Fields PR Agency, this news platform made its way to the top with ease. Magwood started the magazine as an online news platform, but with time realized that it also needed to start printing to reach a wider audience. But as of 2021, Lavish Life Magazine is releasing content only through the digital press. During the 2020 pandemic, its CEO and founder converted the magazine into an interactive web-based platform. Making the most of the pandemic situation, he started a new podcast and video platform called “Pep Talk,” which is hosted by himself. He invited multiple celebrities over his show and spoke about their careers in detail that inspired people to believe in themselves and take a chance to make it big.

A Platform Nurturing Growth

With over 30,000 followers on all of its social media platforms, this magazine has become influential among the people. Like most tabloids and magazines, Lavish Life Magazine has not restricted its popularity to itself rather lets others use this platform to make themselves known. This magazine allows struggling artists to promote themselves and make become visible in front of a wide audience. The magazine picks fresh, bold, and high-spirited urban artists who want their music to be heard and seen throughout the world. For those who are not known and want to be known, Lavish Life Magazine offers exclusive interviews, promotional opportunities, and original write-ups from a team of talented writers and entertainment industry enthusiasts. They cater to both mainstream and indie artists and their audiences.

Lavish Life Magazine’s team comprises Jada Pryor as the Chief Editor, Linda Magwood as the Vice President, and Tia Magwood as the Head of Marketing/Media. It has a massive team of niche-specific and expert writers. In-depth and extensive research is conducted for each topic before the writers begin penning down their thoughts. With highly skilled writers recruited in the team, this magazine offers a broad range of perspectives covering various subjects such as politics, social justice, and the arts.

Magwood’s initiative to provide an insight into the lives of the elite has become a successful magazine that is followed and read by thousands of people worldwide. This platform is a source of inspiration for other similar platforms who have restricted their audience reach to themselves and are not using it for a better cause.



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